Mitsubishi's SeaAerial turns fountains into antennae

When someone mentions a radio aerial, it tends to conjure up a vision of something made of steel and wire. But what about one made of water? On Thursday, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled its SeaAerial, which uses a column of seawater sprayed into the air to create a radio transceiver antenna. Designed for use at sea or offshore, it's billed as the world's first seawater antenna capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasts.Read More


First commercial launch for Japan's H-IIA rocket platform

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have announced that the Telesat Telstar 12 VANTAGE satellite today made a successful launch from the Yoshinobu launch pad at the Tanegashima Space Center. The broadcast and telecommunication satellite lifted off at 3:50 pm JST atop the upgraded H-IIA Launch vehicle No. 29 (H-IIA F29). The launch was the first using the H-IIA upgraded second stage and the first commercial launch for the platform.Read More


Mitsubishi Regional Jet makes first flight

Japan's hopes of becoming a global player in commercial aviation were given a boost this week with the first flight of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. The MRJ90 test aircraft took off from Nagoya, Japan, on Wednesday and spent an hour and a half in the skies off the Pacific coast running through basic flight functionality.

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Mitsubishi to show high-tech Emirai 3 concept cars in Tokyo

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation plans to highlight next-generation automotive technologies at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. It will show two related forward-looking concept cars, the Emirai 3 xDas and the Emirai 3 xAuto. The former packs a high-tech, multi-screen cockpit with next-generation human-machine interface, while the latter has a range of automated driving features.Read More


In pictures: Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Tokyo Auto Salon – the off-the-wall sibling of the far more staid bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show – is part showcase for the Japanese custom car industry and part theatrical show. Beginning back in 1983 as the "Tokyo Exciting Car Show," it has grown in popularity with the public and industry alike over the past three decades, now attracting some 300,000 visitors. Here's our look at some of the colorful highlights from the 2015 event.Read More


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