Mobile Technology

uLink lets users link apps together like web pages

The web's utility rests on its connectedness, the so-called "deep links" that take you to specific pages on a website rather than just its landing page. But in the mobile app ecosystem such interconnectedness is both rare and time-intensive to setup. Researchers from Microsoft Redmond lab hope to change this with uLink, which allows linking to and between specific, individual locations within different mobile apps – kind of like browser bookmarks for apps.Read More


Microsoft had more than just new consoles at E3 2016: The biggest new Xbox games

After a big leak just hours before Microsoft took to the stage in Los Angeles, we already knew that it had brand new hardware on the way in the form of a slimmed down console called the Xbox One S, as well as a more powerful, VR-ready system set to land next year. Thankfully, the company also had plenty of exciting games to show off, with a focus on co-op gaming and cross-platform play.Read More

Microsoft and Facebook to lay a huge subsea cable across the Atlantic

Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to build "MAREA", a huge subsea cable connecting North America and Europe to improve the companies online services infrastructure. Utilizing eight fiber pairs, the cable's initial capacity is estimated to be 160 terabits per second, which will make it the highest capacity cable crossing the Atlantic.Read More


Microsoft Research combats VR nausea with inexpensive LED arrays

It's been a long time coming, but after a few false starts it appears the age of virtual reality may finally be upon us, with the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift vying to immerse consumers in virtual environments. But even before the current crop of headsets can gain a serious foothold, a team at Microsoft Research has apparently discovered a simple and inexpensive way to improve the VR experience, by expanding the user's field of view with an array of LEDs.Read More


Microsoft Captionbot will tell you what's in your photos

Scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed is proof positive that we love taking photos - of our food, our children, our drunken antics and, most of all, ourselves. No matter how good your happy snap, finding a way to caption it can be tricky. It's still early days, but one day you could hand off the responsibility to a Captionbot.Read More


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