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Medical Imaging

IBM medical visualization software that lets doctors search specific parts of the body

October 5, 2007 Computer technology is always working to further capabilities within the realm of modern medicine with one of the latest developments has coming from IBM researchers in Zurich, who announced details of prototype visualization software that allows doctors to view medical data of patients using a 3D avatar of the human body.  Read More

Optoacoustic Technology for Early Cancer Detection

November 8, 2006 A new and very promising Laser-Ultrasound-Nanotechnology combination that detects malignant breast tumors one-fifth the size found with conventional technology has attracted U.S. Federal funding totalling US$3.8 million. The new federal funding will support Phase II research into breast and prostate cancer detection using laser optoacoustic imaging technology developed by Fairway Medical Technologies.  Read More

Using three dimensional (3D) computer technology to treat aneurysms

July 31, 2006 Research by Curtin University of Technology’s Discipline of Medical Imaging is set to help surgeons better treat aortic aneurysms in abdominal arteries by using cutting edge three dimensional (3D) computer technology. The project aims to help vascular surgeons improve their treatment skills by increasing their understanding of the 3D relationship between blood vessels, aneurysms and common treatments such as surgery and stent grafts.  Read More

The StereoMirror display

September 14, 2005 Constituting the very latest in stereoscopic 3D technology is the SD1710 from Planar Systems. Designed to address imaging applications in geospatial intelligence and photogrammetry where geoscientists, cartographers, engineers, image analysts and environmental planners need 3D viewing to discern depth in the imagery and interpret spatial details, the SD1710 features crisp stereo imaging, comfortable viewing and dual use as a standard 2D monitor. Planar's SD1710 provides a new dimension of digital image quality and user comfort for those who need to accurately map terrain, monitor erosion, design mass transit systems, identify boundaries, plan missions and investigate habitats.  Read More

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