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Media On Demand

— Home Entertainment

PRIMA Cinema delivers current-release theatrical films to the home – at $500 a pop

By - November 28, 2012 3 Pictures
For decades, Hollywood movie moguls have been able to watch currently-running theatrical films in their own home cinemas, thanks to a local distribution network informally known as the Bel Air Circuit. Traditionally, this has involved film prints or other physical-format copies of films changing hands. California-based PRIMA Cinema, however, has created what could be described as an internet-based public version of that circuit. Subscribers will be able to watch current-release theatrical movies in their own homes – if they can afford it. Read More
— Mobile Technology

FUNTORO infotainment system gets Busworld Asia launch

By - May 11, 2010 4 Pictures
Busworld Asia was the venue chosen by FUNTORO Inc to announce the launch of its Media On Demand (MOD) Infotainment System on buses manufactured by China's largest professional bus manufacturer. One server can support up to 54 monitors throughout the coach, providing passengers with their own entertainment hub capable of independent output without impacting on fellow travelers. Read More

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