Music Maker RockStar lets the inner rock god cut loose with freestyle play

Playing music is therapeutic in myriad ways. It can soothe the mind, lower blood pressure, increase your IQ – but most of all, it's fun. The recent advent of the Personal Media Player may have taken music to the masses, but it's a fair bet that musical console games will be seen in decades to come as the true democratizing force behind creating your own music. Now, the massive success of play-along games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, is about to progress to the next level with the European release of MAGIX Music Maker RockStar for PlayStation 2, which turns your guitar controller into an instrument to be played with complete freedom.Read More

Mobile Technology

The ringtone turns 50

March 25, 2006 Quite remarkably, the ringtone officially hits middle age this year, though it lay dormant for more than 40 of those 50 years until Finnish operator Radiolinja launched the first mono-ringtone service in 1998. Since then, it has become one of the star performers of the digital era, and the key driver of the mobile content marketplace , accounting already for more than 10% of global music revenues. It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the ringtone market for mobile phones is so large – thanks to the careful positioning of mobile telephony by the Telcos, the mobile consumer has a distinctly “must pay” mindset compared to the “will never pay” consumer mindset of the internet. On top of that, more than twice as many people have mobile phones (2.2 billion) than connect to the internet (1.1 billion) and in a crowded room, the ringing of your mobile phone puts you firmly on centre stage, so in the fashion conscious youth market, your ringtone is your personal soundtrack – a definitive statement of individualism. Accordingly, a US$20 PC software application which lets consumers create their own ringtones from music without paying any subscription or download fees, will probably do very well.Read More


Webradio Recorder: record, time-shift and burn web radio stations

August 15, 2005 Internet audio/radio is evolving quickly. There are now more than 5000 online radio stations listed at RadioDirectory, 8000 at RadioTower and 10,000 at Radio-Locator. Compared to the dozen or so “traditional” local radio stations we have access to, there’s every reason to believe you’ll find an audio stream on the internet that’s infinitely more in line with you tastes. Which is why we think the release this week of affordable software offering DVR-like capabilities for web radio is significant. Photo, video, and audio software company MAGIX, has announced Webradio Recorder, which lets consumers record multiple radio shows and music, automatically name tracks, and burn them onto CD or DVD. The array of powerful DVR-like functions even let you listen to earlier parts of the same radio show that you are in the process of recording.Read More


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