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Review: 560G is claimed to be "world's lightest high-security bike lock"

When it comes to bike locks, there are two main types: heavy but effective U-locks, and lighter but less secure setups such as cables with padlocks. Well, Altor Locks is out to change that. Its compact new 560G weighs just 1.23 lb (or 560 grams, hence the name), yet is claimed to be extremely theft-resistant. We recently had the chance to try out a demo unit for ourselves.Read More


Fortified's new bike is intended to be Invincible to thieves

You've no doubt seen lots of them around town – rusting, abandoned bikes with all the components stripped away. Their owners haven't even bothered reclaiming their frames, as they were just cheap old "city beater" bikes in the first place. Well, Boston-based Fortified Bicycle is out to change that scenario. The company's new Invincible bike is well-enough made to not be considered disposable, yet is also highly theft-resistant – enough so that Fortified will replace it if it's nicked.Read More

Around The Home

Bowley Lock promises high security at a low price

If the movies and TV are to be believed, picking a conventional lock is as easy as sticking a tool into a keyhole, thoughtfully moving it around for a few seconds, then pulling the door open with a crafty smile. While there are special high-security locks that are much harder to pick, they also tend to be quite expensive. That's why Canadian inventor Ryan Bowley created the Bowley Lock – it's claimed to be virtually pick-proof, yet affordable to the average home-owner.Read More


Grasp Lock reads your fingerprint to unlock your bike

"Smart" bike locks may not quite be at the point where they're a dime a dozen, but there certainly are a number of them out there. That said, pretty much all of them require you to have your smartphone with you, and to make sure it's powered up when locking and unlocking. The Grasp Lock, however, is a little different. It utilizes a built-in fingerprint reader to recognize its user, so no phones, keys or combos are necessary.Read More


AirBolt travel lock offers smart features and keyless access

To some, air travel is a carefree jaunt without a single ripple in the experience. But to others, it can feel like rushing through a gauntlet of checklists, lines, and gates, with the potential for impromptu anxiety at any given moment. One company is looking to make the luggage-laden travel process a little bit easier with the AirBolt smart travel lock, which is designed with Bluetooth connectivity and a host of useful functions to keep bags secure and accounted for.Read More


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