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Luke Workman interview: Petrolheads are missing the tarmac-tearing potential of electric vehicles

Grab life by the danglies and extract maximum joy from every minute: it's an awesome philosophy that we'd all like to live by, but there are some people that just seem born to do it. Luke Workman is one of 'em. Born into a family of hot rod street racers, Workman hustled his way through college dreaming of being a Formula One engineer, then had an epiphany and ended up as one of the world's foremost lithium battery wizards. We first met Luke at Zero Motorcycles, where tales of his epic, outrageous after hours shenanigans were already legendary. So on a cold, wet night in January, Loz Blain dropped in for a long chat and some hair-raising seat time in some of Workman's crazy home-built electric hot rods. Here's part one of a very fun chat with a very remarkable guy.Read More


Nissan EVs to join the grid in UK trial

Nissan has partnered with power company Enel to launch a pilot program in the UK allowing electric vehicle owners to sell energy from their car batteries back into the grid. As well as allowing EV drivers to make a bit of extra cash from their cars, Nissan sees the program as the first step towards using cars as mobile energy hubs. The announcement came alongside the launch of the xStorage home battery, which uses recycled Leaf batteries for home energy storage.Read More

Hovervault wraps hoverboards in a fire-resistant bag

Homescreen Media of Australia has introduced a fire-resistant bag called the Hovervault, to help prevent property damage from battery fires that might occur during the charging, transporting and storing of hoverboards. Made of fiberglass composite materials, the Hovervault is designed to contain a fire in the event of a malfunctioning hoverboard battery.Read More


Lithium-ion battery warms itself in cold environments to maintain performance

Extreme temperatures can seriously compromise the performance of lithium batteries. We've seen a number of developments promising to reduce the risk of them overheating and catching fire, but at the other end of the scale, freezing temperatures aren't too friendly either, often leading to substantial power loss. In an advance that could have ramifications for everything from electric vehicles to space exploration, researchers have built a lithium battery that warms itself up to battle the winter chill.Read More


Smart chip offers a warning ahead of battery failure

The lithium-ion batteries that power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles carry a relatively low individual chance of failure, but the sheer quantity in use everyday means the risk of something going horribly wrong somewhere in the world is quite real. Looking to safeguard against such events, a team of scientists has developed a smart chip that can be embedded inside these batteries to monitor their health, offering a warning when it is at risk of catching fire or exploding.Read More


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