Power boost for LG Stylus 2 Plus edition

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but when it comes to smartphones and phablets it appears the finger is mightier than the stylus, with limited options for stylus lovers. Thankfully Korean country mates Samsung and LG are continuing to show display doodlers some love, the former with its Galaxy Note line, and the latter with it its Stylus 2, which has now been updated with a Plus edition. Read More

Mobile Technology

HTC 10 vs. LG G5

The HTC 10 is an amazing phone that may be our favorite of the year; it's a greater than the sum of its parts return to form for one of the historically best, least gimmicky, smartphone makers. LG's G5, meanwhile, is an ambitious attempt at modularity – a feature that toes the line between innovation and gimmickry. Let's see how their features and specs stack up.Read More

Mobile Technology Feature

The best of MWC 2016

This Mobile World Congress was the year when the world's biggest smartphone expo went beyond the smartphone. We've seen VR headsets, 360-degree cameras, home security robots, convertible tablet/laptop hybrids and much more during our week in Barcelona. Read on for our picks for the best gadgets of the show, along with our overall impressions of everything else at MWC 2016.Read More


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