Boogie Board Play n’ Trace eWriter makes space for tracing with a translucent screen

Since 2010, the Boogie Board eWriter range has provided youthful imaginations with modern-day notepads for their digital doodles and sketches. Improvements since have seen the addition of onboard storage and stylish new designs, but the latest addition to the lineup may be its biggest leap yet. The Boogie Board Play n' Trace features a translucent LCD screen, meaning that further to regular drawings, kids (or expressive adults) can trace the two and three dimensional objects they see around them. Read More


Implantable LCD eye lenses may make glasses obsolete

The potential for replacing aging or damaged eye lenses with artificial lenses that do more than just restore eyesight has long been recognized. With everything from telescopic capabilities to those with built-in heads-up displays, electronically-enabled synthetic lenses promise to bring useful cybernetic enhancements to the human body. In pursuit of this goal, one researcher at the University of Leeds is developing a unique, auto-focusing liquid crystal lens that may help cure age-related long-sightedness.Read More


AGV’s new visor darkens at the push of a button

Italian motorcycle helmet maker AGV has unveiled a new motorcycle helmet visor that can darken or lighten in less than a second. Eloquently named AGVisor, it realizes its swift tinting effect via a thin liquid crystal (LCD) layer powered by a small rechargeable battery and operated by a glove-friendly button located at the bottom left side of the visor.Read More

Home Entertainment

Samsung's 4K SUHD TVs promise superior color and brightness

Samsung is expanding the already acronym-heavy TV arena at CES 2015 with its new SUHD TVs. Although the electronics giant hasn't revealed exactly what, if anything, the "S" stands for, the new line of LCD TVs pack a proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal technology that Samsung claims improves the color gamut, contrast and brightness to provide image quality comparable to the much more expensive OLED sets. Read More


ESA and Omega create new astronaut watch

If there's one steady market for wristwatches, it's astronauts. Omega watches, for example, have flown on manned space missions since the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was carried on Project Mercury in the early 1960s. Now the latest version, the Speedmaster Skywalker X-33, is seeing service on the International Space Station. Based on a patented idea by ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the timepiece is not only made to withstand the rigors of space, but also to carry out functions useful to space travelers.Read More


Energy-efficient 3D display maintains images without power

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are a common and increasingly pervasive method of displaying information for everything from watches to giant TV screens. Though, like most other displays, LCDs require electrical energy to constantly display an image. Researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, however, have produced an ultra-thin LCD screen prototype that is not only capable of displaying images without continuous power, but in 3D as well.Read More

How to build a "stealth" computer display

An additional layer of security (and fun) can be added to your computer's LCD display by following the lead of Brusspup, a well-known online illusionist and computer artist. Just remove your display's outer polarizing filter, and use polarizing sunglasses instead.Read More


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