Mokumono's monocoque design catches the eye – and brings manufacturing home

No matter what they're made from, most bicycle frames take the form of multiple tubes that are joined together at the ends. It's a tried and trusted design, but according to Dutch designing brothers Bob and Tom Schiller, it's difficult to fully automate. As a result, bike companies tend to get their frames built overseas, in countries where the labor is cheap. In an effort to change that, the Schillers have created the Mokumono bike.Read More


Meeting notes live streamed to remote workers from any whiteboard

For a good many years, the conference room whiteboard has been the focal point for sharing ideas, plans and strategies in team meetings. In today's connected business world, team members could be spread out all over the globe, though, making meetings in the flesh a little impractical. Digitized whiteboards like the Smart Kapp can capture all the scribbling action and send it to the smartphones of remote team members in real-time, but if your collaborative jotting pad takes up a whole boardroom wall then finding a smart whiteboard to take its place could prove expensive. The Kaptivo system can be installed above any dry-erase whiteboard up to 6 x 4 ft (1.8 x 1.2 m) in size, doesn't require note-makers to use special pens and captures and cleans up what's on the board before zipping it over to connected team members in real-time.Read More

Digital Cameras

Smoovie promises super-smooth smartphone videos

Even though photo and video stabilization software inside smartphones is steadily improving, it's still pretty hard to shoot good videos, as you no doubt know after viewing too many bobbing concert clips from friends, or jittery shots from family vacations. Professional videographers often use rigs that include something known as a gimbal to keep their shots straight, but gimbal sticks are often heavy, big and/or expensive. Enter Smoovie, a Kickstarter product that could affordably put the power of gimbal stability in your pocket.Read More

Around The Home

Desktop device brings laser-cutting home

There was a time when the only 3D-printed items that most of us ever saw were created at places like universities or industrial design houses – now, thanks to the plethora of consumer 3D printers out there, that's no longer the case. Well, the German designers of Mr. Beam II are hoping that their new device will likewise democratize the world of laser cutting and engraving. Read More


High hopes for tiny house made from hemp

As any good hippy will tell you, the cannabis plant isn't only good for getting stoned. Hemp has been used for thousands of years for all kinds of stuff, including making rope, clothing, and even cars. With this in mind, Albany, NY-based Green Built has high hopes it can bring cannabis construction into the US mainstream with its hemp-based tiny house.Read More


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