Highlights from Interbike 2014


The JOBO ScanViewer digital photo frame with in-built scanner

Turning your old pre-digital memories into pixel-rich images usually involves buying a scanner, loading the prints into a computer and then transferring them to a USB or SD Flash card for viewing in your digital photo frame. JOBO has greatly simplified this process by including a scanner built into its latest photo frame - the appropriately named ScanViewer.  Read More

The JOBO photoGPS fits the hot-shoe of most cameras

What’s worse than having to watch Aunt May’s and Uncle Stan’s ridiculously long digital ‘slide show’ of their recent European vacation? Listening to them argue over where each photo was taken, and what it is. If they’d had a JOBO photoGPS attached to their camera's hot-shoe, your saga would be over in six hours, not 16! The JOBO photoGPS fits most cameras and captures the geo-data of each photo's location. This allows photographers to know the location of each shot and automatically search, sort and organize their pictures according to country, city, street using the Organizer software that comes with the unit.  Read More

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