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The humble iron, while an incredibly useful device for keeping clothes looking their best, has not seen very many major changes over its history, at least from a core functionality standpoint. Collar Perfect is aiming to make that happen, by making it portable and allowing it to get to hard-to-reach places more easily. Read More
The Attach-a-tag is a clever way to label clothes. It consists of an applicator and a small button (or tag) that is laser-etched with the garment owner’s name. The tag is attached to a seam or brand label by the ergonomic hand-held applicator using a push and twist movement. The laser-etching is clear, resists fading and wear and can withstand industrial washing temperatures and dry cleaning. The tags can also be easily removed if the clothing is worn out or if your child has a (another!) growth spurt. Read More
If I had to make a list of the most boring and thankless household jobs - then ironing would definitely be in number one spot. So anything that can make that tiresome task a little easier is worth a look. Panasonic’s new 360° Quick Multidirectional iron promises to not only reduce ironing time but it also makes side-to-side movements easier and can be used in any direction. Read More
May 17, 2007 One of the most universally despised chores, ironing is a killer-app opportunity. With this in mind, household appliance innovator Electrolux has introduced a new type of condenser tumble dryer that cleverly uses steam to make the job of ironing easier. Iron Aid is a unique technological innovation, with special steam cycles that will reduce, or even eliminate, the need to iron, saving the hassle and time associated with this chore. The design uses steam to reduce and remove wrinkles and creases, to deliver ready-to-wear clothes. Up to five wrinkle free shirts can be produced in just 20 minutes and the Iron Aid can refresh and de-odorise even “dry clean only” garments and will refresh a silk or wool suit in 20 minutes. The product was released in Europe earlier this year, achieving its projected annual sales figures for 2007 by the end of March. Like we said, ironing is a killer-app opportunity, and this product appears to be a contender. Read More
February 16, 2006 If there’s one aspect of daily life that has changed little in the last 50 years it is the washing of clothes. Clothes must be washed, then dried, then ironed, before they can be worn. Each is a separate and distinct process and the three processes consume a fair amount of time and brain space. Now there’s a new machine on the horizon called the WashDryIron – a washing machine that does just what its name suggests - it washes, dries AND irons your clothes in totally separate compartments - meaning no more colour runs, no shrinkage and, most importantly, no more ironing. The creator of the world’s first ‘drum-less’ washing machine, Oliver Blackwell – a University of Plymouth product design graduate – believes it can save an average person around ten days a year in ironing time, which equates roughly with our calculations when we looked at Siemens ironing machine. Read More
August 11, 2005 Oliso announced the release of its Touch&Glide iron earlier this week, claiming the new iron would redefine the experience of ironing. Well let's hope so, cos we're pretty sure there aren't many humans on the planet that are all that keen on ironing as a hobby or past-time. One of the aspects of the new iron which really caught our eye was the iron's touch-sensitive handle which activates its AutoLift system, automatically lifting the iron off of the fabric when the handle is released. It lowers itself onto the fabric or an ironing board whenever you touch its handle. Now that's clever, though it does beg the question as to why it has taken so long to think of this. General Electric introduced the electric iron as we know it in 1892, giving us 113 years to think about it. When Seimens introduced the company's shirt ironing machine, we calculated it would save people at least 40 minutes a week. We reckon the Touch&Glide is a winner, as it focusses on usability and performance, claiming users of the iron have reduced ironing time by one third. Read More
It might look like a dress dummy, but it could be the ironing lady of your dreams - it's an ironing machine designed to iron shirts and it has just gone on the market in Germany for EU' 1.029,00. Apparently, it works VERY WELL! Research shows it takes the average person eight minutes to iron the average shirt according to Seimens, the makers of the Dressman, the world's latest attempt at building a machine to iron shirts. For those busy professionals amongst us, that represents a saving of at least 40 minutes a week, not to mention the opportunity to avoid one of man's least favourite chores (again according to research from Siemens). The 'dressmann' irons completely on its own and has a number of other attributes which make it worthwhile - it can 'freshen up' jackets that have not been worn for a while, and can actually dry a freshly washed blouse. Read More
Tuesday November 11, 2003: Australian inventor Garry Allen persevered through a five-year court battle against a German corporate giant in order to retain control over his creation - a folding-iron board that can be reduced to the size of a large brief case and fixed to a single wall stud in even the tightest location... Read More