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Manfrotto's Klyp+ case turns the iPhone 6 into a more serious camera

By - May 13, 2015 6 Pictures

The Manfrotto Klyp+ for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the firm's latest photography-enhancing smartphone cases, and as the name would suggest, are designed specifically for the most recent Apple iPhones. In addition to protecting the iPhone for bumps and knocks, the new Klyp+ cases allow users to attach Manfrotto lenses to create different effects. They can also be used with a clip-on LED light, and easily mounted on a tripod.

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iKlips dual flash drive for iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs is faster than the rest

By - March 30, 2015 7 Pictures
Moving media between iOS devices for sharing or backup storage can be a hassle, especially without an internet connection. The iKlips, the first dual (USB and Lightning) flash drive to feature a USB 3.0 connector, promises to make things easier (and faster than the competition) by offering a faster, more convenient way to store and exchange files between iOS devices, Macs and PCs. Read More
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Apple’s ResearchKit: Can apps take medical research to the next level?

By - March 25, 2015 3 Pictures
These days, apps are ubiquitous as tools to improve health and fitness. But Apple thinks it can do more than that and even take medical research to a new level, thanks to its power to crowdsource subjects in clinical tests and monitoring studies. Can the company's recently-announced ResearchKit, an open source software framework for researchers, be the medical study game changer that it's aiming to be? Read More
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Glovys makes your smartphone friendlier to gloves

By - March 13, 2015 6 Pictures
Anyone who has ever tried using their smartphone while wearing gloves will know it's nigh-on impossible. You therefore have a number of choices: wear fingerless gloves or special touchscreen-friendly gloves, remove your gloves while using the phone, or desist from using your phone entirely when out in the cold. Or thanks to a new product called Glovys, you could fix the problem using technology. Read More
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Samsung Galaxy S6 (and GS6 edge) vs. iPhone 6

By - March 7, 2015 29 Pictures
As recently as a year ago, iPhone vs. Galaxy showdowns required you to choose between premium builds and big screens. But now that the iPhone has a spacious screen, and the Galaxy has a high-end build, you're going to have to base your decision on other factors. Let Gizmag lend a hand, as we compare the features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6. Read More
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i Ready O repurposes old iPhones as vintage radios

By - March 4, 2015 7 Pictures
According to figures just released by Gartner, Apple sold 191.4 million smartphones last year. Sure, a bunch of these are probably being tightly gripped by smiling new owners, but undoubtedly a great number were bought to replace older devices, banishing their predecessors to bottom drawers and storage boxes all over the world. Well, designer David Choi has a plan to breathe new life into unused iPhones, by integrating them with a Bluetooth speaker to act as a retro-inspired digital radio. Read More

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