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iPhone case

— Good Thinking

TaskOne turns the iPhone into a legitimate pocket knife

By - December 30, 2012 9 Pictures
The smartphone is already a modern-day multi-tool, combining communications, entertainment, information access and all kinds of personalized content. But while the smartphone can multitask in the virtual world, it can't do quite as much back in the physical world. The TaskOne iPhone case changes that, giving Apple's smartphone the functionality of an old-school Swiss Army pocket knife. Like the Morgan E Pulse, it seamlessly blends cutting edge technology with retro-inspired design. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Spraytect smartphone case delivers a shot of pepper spray

By - October 29, 2012 5 Pictures
When Scott McPherson’s daughter was heading off to college, he wanted to make sure that she’d have a personal protection device with her at all times. Given that most young people are never without their smartphone – and they always have it within easy reach – he did the obvious, and created an iPhone 4/4S case with a built-in pepper spray canister. It’s now available for purchase, in the form of the Spraytect case. Read More
— Children

Woogie protects your iPhone and makes it considerably more huggable

By - October 14, 2012 9 Pictures
The Woogie is an iPhone and iPod touch case that makes your Apple device considerably more huggable than those designed to add a keyboard or stop a bullet. Intended for those times you pass your iPhone to your kids, the new Woogie from Griffin Technology comes as one of two characters, which an accompanying app brings to life with your iPhone screen becoming the face of the interactive playmate. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Yellow Jacket case sets iPhone to stun

By - July 30, 2012 7 Pictures
When former military police officer Seth Froom became the victim of an armed robbery it prompted him to create one of the most interesting iPhone cases to hit the market to date. This case, known as the Yellow Jacket, not only offers protection for your phone, it also has the potential to protect your personal safety and well-being thanks to the 650K volt stun gun it has built in. Read More

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