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Sound Cover iPad case packs NXT speakers inside a smart cover

There's no shortage of options for those looking to add some extra audio oomph to their iPad. From the multitude of docks on offer to Bluetooth or Airplay-enabled wireless speaker systems and more portable options such as the Logitech Tablet Speaker or iLuv iSP150. But none are as portable as the Sound Cover, which as the name suggests, combines stereo speakers with that most ubiquitous of iPad accessories, the cover.Read More

Lifedge case waterproofs and ruggedizes the iPad

Ruggedizing your portable electronics makes sense and Lifedge has a new option for the 40 million-odd iPad owners in the world. Lifedge's case will protect an iPad for 30 minutes in one meter (3 feet) of water, or if it is dropped onto a concrete floor from a height of one meter. Read More

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Mantis Stand for iPad - pricey if not deadly

There's no shortage of iPad stands on the market, but those looking for something a little bit more flexible and robust might be interested in the solid aluminum Mantis Stand from U.K.-based flatscreen arms. Like a praying mantis, the Mantis Stand clasps its prey (well, your iPad) in a vise-like grasp. Rather less like a praying mantis, the stand's x-shaped head swivels and tilts for portrait or landscape viewing from almost any angle. But the similarities and non-similarities to the praying mantis do not end there. Read More

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PadPivot tablet stand designed for flat desks and rounded thighs

While there are plenty of stands for tablets that are designed to sit on a flat surface, such as the TabGrip, what happens when you’re on the bus or reclining on the couch? You’ll have to hold the device in one hand and do all your touching and swiping with the other, right? Well, those days could be over thanks to an innovative multi-purpose tablet stand called the PadPivot. With a curved base that sits as comfortably on a desktop as it does on the tablet user’s thigh, the PadPivot is designed to provide hands-free support to a tablet so users can devote both their hands to the important touchy tasks at hand.Read More

Around The Home

iRoom iDock is the world’s first motorized, in-wall iPad dock

We've seen iPad docks that mount an iPad on a wall, on a car dashboard and on a fridge, but the iRoom iDock is the first we've come across that mounts an iPad in the wall. Featuring a motorized docking system that automatically opens and closes thanks to a proximity sensor, the iRoom iDock is flush-mounted to the wall, which means you'll need the services of an electrician to connect the unit to your home's electrical system. Read More

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Pump up the tablet jam with the Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad

It’s a sad fact of life for tablet manufacturers looking to produce slim, portable devices that when it comes speakers, bigger is usually better – which is why so many people prefer to opt for headphones when using the devices rather than the decidedly lackluster in-built speakers found in most tablets. But if you’re looking to use an iPad to provide some tunes at a get together, show off a game to friends, or just annoy your fellow passengers on public transport then Logitech’s Tablet Speaker for iPad might provide the extra audio grunt you’re looking for.Read More

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Review: Mophie's Juice Pack Powerstation

For the rest of 2011, I'm visiting a new country every week or two. I'm not the biggest fan of getting lost, asking for directions, or getting ripped off by taxi drivers, so keeping my iPhone's battery charged is high on my list of priorities. I came across Mophie's Juice Pack Powerstation while I was doing my pre-travel gadget shopping, and was surprised at how small, light and cheap the unit was. So how does it stack up?Read More

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Bluetooth thumb-keyboard puts rear-facing touchpad at your fingertips

With smaller keys and a lack of tactile feedback, onscreen keyboards found on mobile devices can make inputting anything longer than a search term a real chore. Portable physical keyboards such as the Jorno folding keyboard provide a solution if you're lucky enough to have a desktop or similar flat surface at hand, but if you're taking full advantage of portability and need to enter text while out and about, then a handheld keyboard might be worth considering. The itablet Thumb Keyboard not only puts a physical QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips – well, thumbtips – but also boasts a rear-facing touchpad that lets users provide touch inputs without taking their hands off the device. Read More


G-Form Extreme Sleeve - the 'world's most rugged' laptop case

G-Form has taken its expertise in protecting the bodies of cyclists and skaters and applied it to consumer electronics, first with a case for iPad that's tough enough to withstand a bowling ball attack and now with what's billed as "the world's most rugged case for laptops." Made from a flexible, lightweight material that hardens upon impact, the Extreme Sleeve for Laptop will ship at the end of May in 11”, 13” and 15" sizes. Could be just the thing if you're looking to drop your MacBook off a balcony ...Read More

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Logitech announces iPad 2 case with built in keyboard

Logitech has entered the seemingly insatiable iPad accessory market with a case that should appeal to those looking to use their new iPad 2 for something a bit more productive than playing Fruit Ninja. The Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to match Apple's tablet, features a built-in wireless keyboard and is lined with high-density padding to keep the tablet safe and secure and prevent the keyboard from touching the screen, even if dropped.Read More

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