Internet of Things


Sony joins with ZMP to launch drone company

Sony Mobile, the wholly owned Sony subsidiary formerly known as Sony Ericsson, is going upwardly mobile by teaming up with Japanese robotics firm ZMP to launch a drone company. Aerosense Inc. will launch next month and target enterprise customers with a focus on the internet of things applications.Read More

Haz umbrella forecasts the weather for you

Umbrellas never seem to be around when you need them and even if you do have one in hand when the rain starts to fall, they can often be a struggle to put up. The motorized, push button-operated, weather-sensing Haz Umbrella is designed to tackle these issues.Read More


Smartphone-controlled Bright Grill gives grilling an IQ

Grilling may be one of the most primal forms of cooking, stripping modern cooking right down to the basics of man – meat and fire. But that doesn't mean it's not slowly evolving into a more intelligent, refined creature, as evidenced by the development of numerous wireless smart thermometers like the BBiQ and myriad other innovative grilling gadgets and accessories. The Bright Grill brings app-based wireless monitoring and control to the grill itself, and it does so in a package built for every type of grill enthusiast, including those that live in small apartments and condos.Read More


Carnegie Mellon to form "living lab" of internet of things through Google initiative

When Google proposed its Open Web of Things initiative last December, it was seeking to increase interoperability, security, and an elegant user interface in the global movement towards connected smart devices. The company has awarded half a million dollars towards Carnegie Mellon University to develop its campus and eventually Pittsburg, PA into a "living lab" of cheap and ubiquitous sensors, integrated apps, and user-developed tools to work towards Google's vision of an integrated machine future.Read More

Around The Home

Gate smart mailbox combines snail mail and the Internet of Things

In an age of Twitter, Facebook, and texting, a physical mailbox may seem like a relic of the dead (letter) past, but postal theft is still a big problem and people still get annoyed at fruitless journeys to the curb. The Gate smart mailbox is a 21st century variation on the old switch-and-doorbell mailbox alert setup that not only lets you know when the post arrives, but is also intended to combat theft.

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