Aurora, the interactive kinetic ceiling

Architect and designer Behnaz Farahi likes movement. Last year she created a 3D-printed shirt that responds to the way a person looks at it. Now, she's taken her responsive design ethos a bit higher — all the way to the ceiling to be exact. Farahi has installed a kinetic ceiling at the University of Southern California that reacts and moves in response to the people walking beneath it.Read More

NYC's iconic Guggenheim museum added to Street View

For those unable to see New York City's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in person, an online visit may be the next best thing. Google recently added the iconic museum to Street View, enabling users to virtually walk through its rotunda and check out selected artworks.Read More

Technogym debuts "world's first" music-interactive treadmill tech

Quite a few people listen to music while using a treadmill, with the idea being that they'll walk/run more or less in time to the beat. Utilizing the Android-based Running Music feature on Technogym's Unity treadmill console, however, things are a little different – the music selection changes to suit the cadence of the user.Read More

Around The Home

Makeup mirror mimics lighting conditions that you provide

Although light-equipped mirrors are currently used for applying cosmetics, they can only show users what their makeup will look like in that one type of light. This means that if you're going to be spending your day in a fluorescent-lit office, for example, then a mirror with halogen lights isn't the best way to go. That's why simplehuman created the Wide-View Sensor Mirror. Its full-spectrum LED lighting can replicate a variety of color temperatures, on demand.Read More


BitDrones could be used in flying interactive displays

Researchers working at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab in Ontario have created a collaborating swarm of drones that act as 3D pixels (voxels) to create giant, flying interactive displays. The researchers claim that the "BitDrone" system provides users with the ability to investigate virtual information presented in 3D by directly manipulating these hovering voxels for use in the likes of 3D gaming, medical imaging, and molecular modelling.Read More

Fiat's video billboard guides drivers into a parking space

If a parking space is tight, it's helpful to have a friend guide you in from the sidewalk. To demonstrate the parking sensor technology of the Fiat 500, marketing agency Leo Burnett designed a video billboard that acts as that helpful friend. Sensors are used to gauge a car's location in relation to parked vehicles and Human Parking Aid onscreen helpers show how much room for maneuver the driver has.Read More

Digital Cameras

iris360 wants to put you on Google Street View

An increasing number of businesses are promoting themselves through Google Street View, allowing potential customers to virtually look around inside their shops. Getting the 360-degree photos of that business can be a tricky and complex process, however. That's why NCTech is launching the iris360 Immersive Reality Imaging System, which is designed to let novices get their own photos and upload them to Google Street View.Read More


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