GoBoat folds away for space-poor fishermen

For amateur fishermen, there's nothing like getting out of town and casting a line. But it can be tough to find space for your own boat if you live in an urban area, and not everyone is able to hitch up a trailer whenever the urge strikes them. GoBoat aims to solve these problems with a stable fishing boat that collapses to save space. Read More


Latest self-inflating paddle board swaps power for perspiration

Last year around this time, we looked at the SipaBoard, a stand-up paddleboard with an onboard motor used to both inflate itself and power its way across the water. While it is certainly a cool, award-winning water toy, not everyone wants motor power or the added expense of a jet drive. It is a paddleboard, after all. SipaBoards' latest design keeps the integrated self-inflation system but loses the jet drive, offering a lighter, simpler more affordable way to hit the water.Read More

Bicycles Review

Review: Reprieve Bicycle Saddle's claims actually hold some air

Although a lot of people may describe conventional bike seats as being "a pain in the butt," the fact is that they're more often a pain in the crotch – in the perineum, to be precise. That's why Texas-based 3 West Design first announced its air bladder-equipped Reprieve Bicycle Saddle in 2014. Two years and one successful Kickstarter campaign later, the first production units are now ready to go. We recently got the chance to try one out, to see how much it really takes the pressure off.Read More


Inflatable windsurfing rig sails on air ... and fits in a backpack

With the introduction of products like a self-inflating electric board and paddleboard-tent, the inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) market has seen its fair share of innovation. Now the inflatable SUP accessories market is getting some serious innovation of its own. Two German companies have teamed up to create an inflatable windsurfing set-up called the Arrows iRig One. This all-in-one board sail packs small and light, inflates quickly and puts the power of weather into your board.Read More


Lifeshirt wears like a sport shirt and inflates to keep you afloat

Traditional Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are an important part of water safety, but they can be entirely uncomfortable to wear in or out of the water, especially during activity. While inflatable belts and wristbands provide potentially sleeker, more comfortable alternatives, they still require the wearer to add extra accessories that may or may not be that comfortable. To further improve comfort, startup Aegis Lifeshirt integrates inflatable protection into the shirt you're wearing anyway.
Read More


Inflatable ferry supports the weight of a car

Transporting cars, equipment and even people across bodies of water could get a little less cumbersome, thanks to the inflatable Ferryboat built by Slovenia-based Hovercraft. Coming in one size large enough to transport a car and another sized for more personal use, the Ferryboat can be quickly inflated and launched from just about anywhere.Read More


TrunkMonkey bike rack inflates into shape

Built for road-tripping cyclists, bicycle commuters and anyone that might be worried about having to hitchhike home with a broken chain, the TrunkMonkey represents an easier, more portable style of bicycle rack. Its designers call it the first portable, inflatable, universal bike carrier in the world. When not in use, it rolls up like a camping mattress, making it a ready travel companion. Read More


SipaBoard stand-up paddleboard uses a motor for extra speed – and to inflate itself

While stand-up paddleboards are usually a lot of fun to use, they can be a hassle to transport and store. That's why we've seen ones that can be folded up and disassembled. The SipaBoard, however, takes yet another approach – it's inflatable. An onboard electric motor pumps the air into it for you, plus it also powers an integrated jet drive that provides paddlers with a boost. Read More


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