Aero earphones offer hi-fi on the move

Hong Kong-based Zorloo has followed last year's inexpensive but very capable Z:ero digital earphones with what's described as a complete musical system. Like the previous models, the Aero in-ears ignore the source device's own (often poor) audio system and route the signal to the earphones over a digital audio connection. Three interface varieties are being supported and, in a modular twist, users can swap out driver modules to change the sound being thrown down their ears.Read More

Intelligent speaker tunes in to your emotions

Moodbox mightn't offer the same fully-fledged humanoid companionship as some "emotionally intelligent" robots, but it does bring elements of this into the home in the form of a voice-controlled omnidirectional speaker that plays tunes in response to your emotions. Read More

Home Entertainment Review

Review: Portable JmGO View projector delivers home theater from a tube

Although the latest Ultra HD 4K TV screens can blow your mind with stunning picture quality, there's something magical when it comes to watching movies from a projector. Maybe because it creates that theater feel and atmosphere. Or it could be the transformative nature of converting blank, open spaces into full-color entertainment. To help us decide, JmGO sent us an early unit of its latest projector. We've spent the past couple of weeks kicking back and catching some cord-free flicks on the JmGO View.Read More


Propella e-bikes look casual and power up via throttle or pedal assist

As we see each year at events like the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Eurobike, bicycle designers will experiment with just about any style of frame. But they always seems to come back to the tried-and-true classic – the diamond frame. Perhaps, it's no wonder, then, that the e-bike industry is following suit. Propella is the latest startup to disguise its e-bike as a simple diamond-frame bicycle. Unlike a regular diamond-frame bicycle, this one has a versatile electric drive with both a throttle and a pedal assist system.
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Sled Legs wearables are set to race on the snow

If you believe the hype, you're soon going to have wearable electronics strapped, wrapped and dangling all over your body. Better save some room for wearable sports gear, though. We've seen a steady flow of sporty wearables, and they're not all performance-tracking wristbands. We covered one wearable sled not 10 months ago, and now we have an alternative design. Sled Legs strap to your legs, letting you kneel down and take off down the snow like Clark Griswold.
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