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Poo-Gloos treat sewage as quickly and effectively as mechanical plants, but cost less

By - January 12, 2011 6 Pictures
Poo isn't something generally talked about in polite company but like it or not, all of that human waste has to go somewhere. In smaller rural communities, it usually goes to wastewater lagoon systems; the alternative is mechanical treatment plants which process waste far more quickly but are expensive, labor intensive and often use chemicals. Enter the "Poo-Gloo," or Bio-Dome as it is officially known – an igloo-shaped device that can reportedly clean up sewage as effectively, but far more cheaply, than its mechanical counterparts. The Poo-Gloo, developed by Wastewater Compliance Systems, Inc., uses a combination of air, dark environment and large surface area to encourage the growth of a bacterial biofilm which consumes the wastewater pollutants. It is claimed that Poo-Gloos can treat pollutants just as quickly as mechanical plants while operating at a fraction of the cost – hundreds of dollars a month rather than thousands – and can be retrofitted to existing lagoon systems. Read More
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Arctic Comfort

By - June 4, 2004 4 Pictures
Taking the concept of an igloo to new heights, Icehotel has grown from a one room art gallery known as "Arctic Hall" to a sprawling 4000 square metre complex incorporating about 3000 tons of ice and 30 000 cubic metres of snow in its 60 guest rooms, main hall, ice-art gallery, Ice Bar, Ice Church and Ice Cinema (complete with ice-screen). The idea sprung from an ice sculpture exhibition in 1989 and is now the world's largest hotel made completely of ice and snow. Read More

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