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The Hov Pod.

UK based Reaction International Ltd. has added to its line of personal leisure hovercraft with the Hov Pod SPX 120 Turbo. Powered by a 120 HP 4 stroke Weber engine which offers greater performance and range, the SPX 120 hovers at a height of 9-inches over any flat surface, including water, ice, snow, sand, mud or grass and can reach speeds approaching 50mph on water. It's also buoyant enough to take over a ton in weight before water ingresses into the hull, making it suitable for commercial, patrol and rescue use.  Read More

Hov Pod launches a hassle free hovercraft

December 9, 2004 Convenience is the name of the game with the Hov Pod, the latest hovercraft design for marine leisure and commercial usage. Large enough to carry three adults, the Hov Pod offers a full hovercraft experience, riding on cushioned air over land and water without any of the hassles of more complicated craft. With a top speed of 60 km/h on the water, a maximum weight of 250 kg and a retail price of UK 16.500 pounds, the Hov Pod is designed for the hobbyist who likes to go anywhere in style.  Read More

Universal Hovercrafts go anywhere in style

October 21, 2004 Over land, water, ice or snow - the hovercraft offers a cost-effective, multi-purpose vehicle for recreation and transportation with the thrill of travelling on air. And now Universal Hovercraft has marketed a range of affordable hovercraft kits to house up to ten people in this dynamic mode of travelling, including the striking Hoverwing XR with retractable wings.  Read More

Affordable Personal Hovercraft

It can traverse land, sea, mud and snow at speeds of up to 70kmh, crash through one metre of surf and then double as a stable platform for fishing, diving or relaxing. The Slider Hovercraft is a fully amphibious vehicle seating two in-line with a steering and throttle set-up similar to a jet-ski. Two aerofoil sectioned centrifugal fans provide the lift and a single 3-bladed axial fan the propulsion, with a skirt design that remains permanently inflated adding to buoyancy and stability, and allowing for tight turning without "ploughing-in".  Read More

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