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Clever features turn cozy loft into comfortable workspace

By - May 21, 2015 13 Pictures

When we're looking for somewhere to stay, sometimes it needs to cater for both leisure and work. The Zoku Loft does just this. The rentable 25 sq m (269 sq ft) micro-apartment is a home-office hybrid that uses clever design to squeeze a host of features into its limited space, including a small kitchen, a recessed working area and slide in/out stairs to a screened loft.

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— Architecture

Lionel Buckett's extraordinary treehouse hotel in Australia's Blue Mountains

By - May 8, 2015 33 Pictures

When we visited Australia's Blue Mountains earlier this year to feature this extraordinary clifftop cave, we had no idea that the cave itself might not be the most amazing piece of architecture on the property. Almost as an afterthought, Wollemi Cabins owner and master builder Lionel Buckett invited us down to yet another secluded pocket of the gigantic wilderness area to discover another gem: his treehouse cabin. Built around a turpentine tree and fireproofed against the harsh Australian bushfire season, it's a magical space with profoundly stunning views.

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Affordable capsule hotel envisioned for Paris

Paris is a world class city, but it's also a tourist trap, and there's a definite lack of decent inexpensive hotels in the city center. In a bid to change this, Parisian firm MenoMenoPiu Architects recently designed a concept capsule hotel that would offer tourists an affordable place to stay, right on the banks of the Seine river. Read More
— Holiday Destinations

KLM turns jet into a two bedroom apartment

By - November 16, 2014 9 Pictures
The idea of spending a night on a plane might be a nightmare for anyone who has flown a long-haul flight in Economy class. But KLM is offering an upgrade that is much more attractive – even if it doesn't get off the ground. The airline has transformed one of its grounded McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft into a luxurious apartment. Dubbed Airplane Apartment, this novel conversion offers four guests a unique overnight stay without the turbulence. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Starwood plans to make hotel check-in desks a thing of the past

By - November 5, 2014 1 Picture
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc has begun the process of implementing an innovative smartphone-based system that will allow customers to check-in and access their hotel room via an easy-to-use mobile application. It is hoped that the convenience of the SPG Keyless system will eventually do away with the hassle and tedium inextricably associated with the traditional hotel check-in desk. Read More

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