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The 5-Star cave experience

By - January 6, 2011 10 Pictures
If you are thinking of visiting Turkey on your next vacation and enjoy staying in exotic locations, you are in for a real treat. If a berth at the world's only floating, rotating hotel doesn't fit the bill, how about a sojourn in your very own private cave. Hidden amongst ancient caves in Cappadocia, you’ll find Yunak Evleri, a 5 star hotel, boasting six cave houses dating back to the 5th and 6th Centuries. Read More
— Holiday Destinations

Tour + Bus + Hotel = Rotel, the hotel on wheels

By - March 25, 2010 10 Pictures
If you fancy getting amongst nature in some of the world’s wildest and most remote locations, but don’t really want to sleep in a tent, you might want to consider boarding a Rotel (rolling hotel) for your next holiday destination. The Rotel rolls a coach and hotel into one unit (or for larger groups, a bus and tag-along sleeping quarters). By day passengers sit in the front of the coach and take in all the sights, and by night they adjourn to the rear of the vehicle to enjoy their semi-private sleeping quarters. Read More
— Holiday Destinations

Going underground: the world's subterranean holiday destinations

By - June 27, 2008 11 Pictures
If men really do retreat to their cave when they are under stress, then we have some wacky and wonderful caves to choose from. How about a cave which has been carved out of volcanic rock, is thousands of years old and is surrounded by the beautiful landscape that is Cappadocia, Turkey? Or maybe you fancy heading to Australia and going "down under" in a desert-like opal mining town? Perhaps the Provence region in France sounds idyllic, particularly when you are perched atop an ancient fortress in a room carved from rock? Read More
— Space

Holiday in orbit: Galactic Suite space resort opening 2012

By - August 21, 2007 7 Pictures
August 22, 2007 ‘Space tourism’ is the latest buzz phrase to hit the high-end travel industry with cosmos tourists already visiting the international space station and now news that a hotel stay in space is as little as five short years away. The Galactic Suite Space Resort, run by directors Xavier Claramunt and Marsal Gifra, aims to offer travellers the “most thrilling and transcendent experience ever” with a stay on board an orbital luxury getaway. Upon arrival at the first ever space resort, guests will be able to experience a new world of sensations including weightlessness, star gazing, amazing views of planet Earth with 15 sunsets in a day - not to mention being aboard a spaceship that takes you from 0 to 28,000kmh in 10 minutes. Read More
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Online Holiday Season Spending Growing 25 Percent Versus 2005

By - December 10, 2006 2 Pictures
December 11, 2006 The internet is growing rapidly in consumer usage and spending and this year will be the biggest year ever by a 25 percent margin over last year. The heaviest online shopping day of the 2006 holiday season is expected to occur this week according to comScore. The inline measurement company yesterday released its estimates of consumer online non-travel (retail) spending at U.S. sites for the 2006 holiday season through December 8 and during the first 38 days of the season this year, total online retail spending reached $15.6 billion, marking a 25-percent increase versus the corresponding days in 2005. “Online consumer spending growth continues to beat expectations,,” said comScore Networks chairman Gian Fulgoni. “The single-biggest online consumer spending day last year was Monday, December 12 with $556 million spent, but this year we’ve already seen 7 days eclipse $600 million in spending. In fact, each of the five days in the most recent work week (Monday, December 4 – Friday, December 8) exceeded $610 million. We expect that the heaviest day of this holiday season will occur during the week of December 11, with sales that should approach $700 million.” Read More
— Space

Holiday in Outer Space

By - June 4, 2004 12 Pictures
The rooms are cramped to the point of extreme discomfort, the food isn't fresh, you can't choose your roommate, if you step outside you'll find the environment downright hostile and it's the most expensive holiday you can dream of... it's a holiday in outer space. With the world's second ever space tourist - 28 year old South African technology millionaire Mark Shuttleworth - entering orbit last month, it's already clear that the next great space race will not be driven by a grab for technological supremacy or even national pride, but by the strength of the almighty tourist dollar. Read More

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