Wearable sleeping bag liner brings the heat at camp

Last fall, Utah startup Ravean brought some heated down garments and hoodies onto the scene in preparation of Winter 2016. Now that the winter is officially over in Utah and surrounding parts (more or less), Ravean is getting ready for summer by applying its 12V heating technology to sleeping bag liners. Its wearable liner makes your sleeping bag extra toasty on chilly nights and wears out of the tent, giving you a heated overcoat for cold mornings and evenings. It also charges your phone and other mobile gadgets. Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Applying the heat to Ravean's heated down vest and hoodie

With winter fast approaching, those in the Northern Hemisphere might be looking for some new winter woolies to stave of the cold. But like the teams behind the Avade jersey and Evolve Hoodie, Utah-based Ravean thinks adding some active heating technology to a garment is a better option than resorting to layer and layer. We've spent the past few weeks with Ravean's USB battery-powered heated down vest and heated hoodie and think Ravean and its competitors make a compelling case.

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Conductive ink significiantly improves the efficiency of solar water heating

Researchers at the Technological Institute of the Lagoon (ITL), Mexico, have created a nanoparticle-rich, superconducting ink that they have used to coat pipes of solar water heaters to increase their efficiency by up to 70 percent. The new coating was recently proven on the solar heating of a Mexican city sports complex swimming pool, where 2 million cubic meters (70.6 million cubic feet) of water were heated from 26 °C to 37 °C (79 °F to 98°F).Read More


USB-powered Evolve Hoodie keeps you toasty warm with tech

Whether or not you're the type that owns articles of clothing for every reason and season, you may want to make a little extra room within your winter wear collection. One of the latest wearables uses modern tech to keep you more comfortable when it's chilly out. Venture Heat has launched its Evolve Heated Hoodie, a zip-up sweatshirt that's powered by a USB power bank.Read More


Nanotube film could heat electric cars without draining their batteries

While some electric cars may have a decent range in places like California, they're not so impressive in locations with frigid winters. That's because their battery is powering not only the motor, but also the cabin heating system. Now, however, engineers at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation are developing new technology that could keep EV drivers warm, without leaving them stranded.Read More

Around The Home

New "smart window" material selectively blocks light and/or heat

In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of building, researchers have sought to develop windows that change transparency to let more light – and therefore heat – through when it's cold, and less when it's hot. Unfortunately, these methods tend to impede the passage of visible light, some by tinting panes and others by complete obscuration. But a team at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin has developed a "smart window" technology that allows the passage of visible light while blocking heat, or vice versa.

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Silver mesh lets users "wrap heat" around body parts

In order to treat injured joints, patients are often advised to apply heat. This typically takes the form of a hot water bottle or microwavable hot pack (which are cumbersome and cool off) or a heating pad (which needs to be plugged in). Now, however, scientists from Korea and the US have created a battery-powered thin mesh that applies heat and stays put.Read More


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