Mobile Technology

Solar cell-embroidered handbag blends fashion and function

With a mobile phone now an essential item in any ladies' handbag, it's surprising that most of the solar powered bags we've seen up until now have been either backpacks or messenger bags. That's fine for men who generally see bags as a purely functional piece of equipment designed to make it easier to carry things like beer, guns and pornography around. But from what I understand, it's much different for women, for whom the handbag is an extension of their personality and needs to be fashionable as well as practical - and the practicality is probably optional. Danish design studio DIFFUS has done its best to combine the two with its Solar Handbag.Read More

Leoht Tote has technology in the bag

The Leoht Tote could put an end to rummaging in the depths of your handbag for your phone, only to discover the battery is almost dead. Dubbed "the evolution of the handbag" it comes with in-built lithium ion battery and LED lighting, two USB ports and wireless recharging capabilities – and it looks good, too.Read More

Good Thinking

Custom handmade leather jackets from classic car upholstery

Launching a new clothing collection, Platinum Dirt might have just recreated the meaning of the word "vintage." Dustin Page, designer, producer and tailor, has created a range of jackets made of recycled leather from classic cars. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind, made from the leather interiors of old Cadillacs, Lincolns, BMWs, Mercedes and Jaguars (just to name a few). As an added cute touch, the VIN plate from the original vehicle is embedded on the chest of each jacket.Read More

Mobile Technology

The rise and fall (in weight) of the handbag

The rapid development of personal entertainment and communication technologies is causing quite seismic changes in the weight the average UK female carries in her handbag. Research conducted for UK Department Store chain Debenhams each year for the last two decades shows that the doubling of weight of the handbag between 2002 and 2006, due to the adoption of laptops, has been completely reversed in just three years by the adoption of smartphones, replacing laptops and filofaxes.Read More


Bagtv: techno chic or fashion faux pas?

It may not be the most logical example of a two-in-one product we've ever seen, but Bagtv will almost certainly score you some points in the novelty department. As the name suggests, this line of handbags incorporates a 7-inch LCD screen into the design so that you can watch DVDs, Mpegs and view photos while you're out and about in the urban jungle. Read More


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