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Seawolf sub takes your GoPro on an undersea voyage

By - June 15, 2015 2 Pictures

While there are plenty of aerial drones that show us our surroundings from up in the air, there are far fewer remote-control devices that let us see what's lurking beneath the surface of the water. Although the Aquabotix Hydroview is one, at around US$3,000 it certainly isn't cheap. While still not inexpensive, the newest version of the TTRobotix Seawolf is considerably less pricey – partly because it incorporates the user's existing GoPro actioncam.

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— Digital Cameras

Polar Pro PowerVault case packs and charges your GoPro

By - June 9, 2015 4 Pictures

As anyone who has ever used an action camera will know, they have a nasty tendency of chewing through batteries just when you're in the worst possible situation to recharge them, whether that's halfway up a mountain or at the beach. Polar Pro is attempting to address this issue with the launch of the PowerVault, a GoPro carrying case which can charge a GoPro battery five times thanks to its own built-in battery.

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Falcon 9 footage shows spectacular spacefall

SpaceX has released stunning footage from a GoPro camera tumbling back to Earth following a recent Falcon 9 launch. The device, fitted in a section of composite fairing that separated from the launch vehicle soon after lift-off, recorded breathtaking views of our planet.

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GoPro quadcopter confirmed for 2016, with virtual reality gear also in sight

By - May 27, 2015 2 Pictures

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has confirmed long-swirling rumors that his company will tap into the fast-growing drone market, outlining plans to launch its own quadcopter in 2016. Making the announcement at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday, Woodman also spoke of a spherical six-camera array that could capture content for virtual reality applications.

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Skyshot Helikite provides a simpler alternative to aerial drone photography

By - January 29, 2015 5 Pictures
It's certainly no secret that consumer drones are proving to be extremely popular for shooting aerial videos. That said, the things still aren't perfect – you can't fly them for more than about 25 minutes per battery charge, pre-flight procedures such as calibrating their compass can be tricky, they're noisy, and they can fall out of the sky and hurt people. Allsopp's Action Cam Skyshot Helikite, however, is claimed to have none of these problems. It's basically just a GoPro-carrying kytoon – a kite/balloon hybrid. Read More
— Wearable Electronics

GoPro's deal with the NHL puts you right in the middle of the action

By - January 27, 2015 3 Pictures
As wearable cameras get smaller, lighter and more powerful, so their potential increases, and the new deal that GoPro has inked with the National Hockey League is proof of that. Some of the players in last weekend's 2015 All-Stars Skills Competition and 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Game were kitted out with head-mounted GoPro cameras to capture all the action as it happened and give viewers a unique angle on the play. Read More

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