Is Trafalgar Square set to be transformed into a crazy golf course?

If you're a Londoner, you're likely pretty used to seeing some odd things in Trafalgar Square. Like the giant blue cockerel sculpture that sat on the fourth plinth until a little over a year ago, for example. Now, a new project is looking to transform the famous landmark into a colorful crazy golf course featuring designs from renowned artists, designers and architects.Read More


Garmin extends golfing gadget lineup to help you with your swing

Whether you're floundering on the fairways or nailing approach shots with aplomb, small adjustments to your golf game can make all the difference to the scorecard at the end of the day. In a bid to better guide players of all abilities as they navigate the course, Garmin has extended its already considerable range of golfing gadgets to include a new shot-tracking watch, a swing-monitoring sensor and a GPS device small enough to clip discreetly onto your belt.Read More


GoCaddy turns an electric scooter into a golf cart

While many people prefer to ride in a motorized cart when they're golfing, not all golf courses have such vehicles … and bringing one's own full-size cart isn't really an option. Well, that's where the GoCaddy comes in. Billed as "the world's lightest and most versatile personal golf cart," it incorporates an existing GoPed folding electric scooter.Read More


Golf ball-gathering Ball Picker robot is like a Roomba for the range

Roaming around a driving range retrieving the endless scattering of golf balls is a pretty tall order for staff, especially when you consider the bays full of weekend hackers taking aim at their caged buggies. But one company is looking to give golfers a smaller moving target to aim at. The Ball Picker robot autonomously scoots around sucking up golf balls and returns them to a ball dispenser to be teed up once again.Read More

EasyPal golf cart folds up with a push of a button

Unless you carry your clubs around yourself, a round of golf is often bookended with a clumsy assemblage and dismantling of a buggy's wheels, handles and axles. But for California-based GolferPal, this isn't the most ideal way to warm up or warm down – so the company has created a motorized golf buggy that does the work for you.Read More


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