Mobile Technology

Marmota mobile AR identifies landscape features

Augmented Reality, or AR, is currently one of the hot areas for mobile app development – for some reason, people seem quite smitten with the idea of being able to point their mobile device’s camera at a street, and having information about the buildings and businesses that appear on their screen superimposed over the images in real time. Now, a prototype mobile AR device is being tested, that concentrates more on topography than urban exploration. The Marmota mobile AR can tell you things like what the names of those mountain peaks over there are, what their elevation is, and how far away they are. Read More


City Lights Globe shows how the Earth looks at night

Gizmag wouldn't normally advocate urban light pollution but there's no doubt the twinkling lights of the cities around the world at night create a pretty light show. The City Light Globe is a 6" revolving globe that shows you both Earth and all its named countries as seen during the day, and automatically illuminates the city lights around the world as seen from orbit as each country falls into night-time. Read More


'Hyperspectral Remote Sensor' senses disasters from space

Combining sophisticated sensors in orbit with sensors on the ground and in the air has led researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) to create a “Hyperspectral Remote Sensor” (HRS) that can give advance warnings about water contamination after a forest fire, alert authorities of a pollution spill long before a red flag is raised on Earth, or inform the population where a monsoon will strike. Read More


The sharpest ever satellite map of Earth

May 18, 2007 The European Space Agency's GlobCover project has unveiled the most detailed portraits ever of the Earth's land surface. Using around 40 Terabytes of images captured from the ESA's Envisat, the maps, ten times sharper than anything produced previously, the GlobCover maps will have numerous uses, including plotting worldwide land use trends, studying natural and managed ecosystems and modelling climate change extent and impacts.Read More


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