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Wild horses: Coming to grips with the 2016 Mustang range

The Mustang is a motoring icon, but even icons need to change and evolve with the times. For Ford, that meant turning to EcoBoost power and (finally) dropping the live rear end for a fully independent setup. But has it worked, and is it sacrilege to stick a Mustang badge on a turbocharged four-cylinder car? Gizmag spent time driving the whole Mustang range to find out whether the V8 still rules the roost, or if the little turbo is the pick of the bunch.Read More


Lincoln reimagines American luxury with new Continental

Lincoln has been through some tough times in recent years, but this year's Detroit Auto Show provided some strong evidence to suggest Ford's luxury arm is well and truly alive. The new Continental takes a unique path by ignoring Nurburgring lap times and pulling out of the technology arms race kickstarted by Mercedes and BMW. Instead, Lincoln has presented the quintessential modern American luxury car. Read More

Ford Fusion gets class-leading V6, hybrid updates

Ford has unveiled a new Fusion at the Detroit Auto Show. Known as the Mondeo in some markets, the Fusion receives a new twin-turbocharged V6, a pedestrian detection system for North America, and updates to the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models to go along with two new trim levels.Read More


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