Folding pedals reveal their magnetic heart

We've already seen a couple of handlebar stems that let you swivel your bicycle's handlebars sideways relative to the front wheel, so they don't stick out when your bike is parked somewhere cramped such as a hallway. The Dutch-designed Stokbikes system has one of those too, although it also incorporates innovative magnetic folding pedals that'll help keep your bike from falling over.Read More


Nesting kayak can be carried like a backpack

While touring kayaks are great for exploring your local waterways, they can be quite a hassle to carry over long distances. It was with this in mind that Pakayak created the Bluefin 14. It's a modular plastic kayak that comes apart into six pieces. Those components nest within one another, and can then be carried like a backpack – albeit a big, heavy one.Read More

Urban Transport

Electric longboard folds down, fits in knapsack

Longboards are a popular type of skateboard for commuting, as their extra length allows them to track well in a straight line. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we're seeing an increasing number of electric longboards hitting the market. One problem with them, however, is that their long form factor makes them awkward to carry around when not in use. That's why Linky was created. It's a folding electric longboard, that fits inside its own bag.Read More


Folding helmet inspired by the pangolin and honeybees

Scientists and inventors have been taking their cues from nature for centuries, but who would have thought the somewhat exotic pangolin (aka scaly anteater) and honeybees would influence a bicycle helmet design? That unlikely pairing is what inspired Golem Innovation to create the Alpha helmet, a folding noggin protector that retracts around your neck when not in use.Read More


Lightweight Sk8-Booster e-drive powers up your skateboard

The electric skateboard is an intriguing short-distance transportation solution for some, and just plain fun for others. But e-skateboards tend to be large, heavy and priced into the four figures. A new aftermarket electric drive called the Sk8-Booster could help attract potential e-skaters scared off by those cons, giving them the fun and mobility of electric power with less fuss. The clamp-on e-drive is even designed to work with folding skateboards, making electric transportation more portable than ever.
Read More

Around The Home

Flip flattens the British three-pronged plug

The British electrical plug may be a design classic, but it's also very bulky and doesn't exactly fit in with the ultra-mobile digital age. To save some tablets from an undeserved scratching, Hong Kong-based OneAdaptr has come up with its Flip folding plug. The focus of a Kickstarter campaign running through December 18, the Flip opens like a pair of jaws and combines USB charging ports with an optional internal battery.Read More


Tern's Cargo Node bike folds up small but still pulls its weight

Cargo bikes can be great for hauling around large, awkward objects, but by their very nature the vehicles themselves aren't all that portable. These lengthy, cumbersome two-wheelers have mostly been beyond the help of the folding mechanisms that bend their smaller counterparts into car trunks and subway carriages. But we are beginning to see efforts to make the big boys of the bicycle family a little more commuter friendly. Among those is the Cargo Node, designed to tow up to a hefty 350 lb (159 kg) and fold down into something more compact in just 10 seconds.Read More


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