No-contact bike trainer enlists the eddies

Whether they use fluid, fans or magnets to create resistance, most stationary bicycle trainers require users to place the bike's rear tire in contact with a roller. This wears the tire down quickly, and creates a lot of noise in the process. Canada's STAC Performance is out to change that. Its STAC Zero trainer leaves the tire untouched, keeping its rubber intact and the noise level down.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Garmin's Vivoactive HR knows exactly how sporty you are

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a comprehensive activity, sport, and sleep-tracking GPS watch. With the addition of heart-rate tracking, it now logs enough metrics to keep all but the most ardent fitness fanatics happy, and has specific sports modes ranging from running and cycling to stand-up paddleboarding and skiing. We recently spent a few weeks running ourselves ragged to see what it can do. Read More

Mobile Technology Review

Review: The Kito+ iPhone case doubles as a health tracker

Most smartphone cases are used to simply protect devices from knocks and drops – the most you can usually hope for is an extra battery or added water resistance. The Kito+ by Azoi is different in that it has somewhat loftier ambitions: it also wants to keep you healthy. The case doubles as a fitness tracker, and features a detachable module which is able to log metrics including heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, respiration rate, and even give an electrocardiogram (ECG). We recently tried one out to see what it's all about.Read More


Garmin gets fashionable with vivomove analog fitness watch

Garmin has long been a player in the sport and fitness watch market, with current offerings like the vivoactive HR and fēnix 3 preceded by wrist-tops like the Forerunner 201. While diverse in terms of models and supported sports, Garmin's styling is largely limited to various categories of "digital geek" – rectangular digital geek, round digital geek, ginormously awkward digital geek, and so on. The new vivomove offers a much more classic look that you can feel comfortable wearing anywhere. Read More


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