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BYPASSER is the faucet system Goldilocks might choose

By - July 20, 2012 1 Picture
What do you do when you want hot or cold water from the faucet? You set the temperature, turn the tap on, then wait for the water to reach the desired temperature before using any. Chances are, though, you simply let that initial not-hot-or-cold-enough water go down the drain. The new BYPASSER system from Belgium’s W&E Savings has been designed to keep that water from being wasted. Read More
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Hands-free faucets not necessarily better, say scientists

By - April 1, 2011 1 Picture
Just three years ago, a study conducted by the University of Westminster, London, determined that the “hygenic” warm air hand dryers commonly found in public washrooms actually left users with more bacteria on their hands than if they’d simply used paper towels. Now, it seems that the good name of hands-free electronic-eye faucets is being similarly besmirched – researchers at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore have discovered that water coming from such faucets contains more Legionella bacteria than that dispensed by conventional fixtures. Their theory is that the high-tech faucets’ complex inner workings are to blame. Read More
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Tap into motion control - the Spatial Interaction touchless faucet

By - May 28, 2010 3 Pictures
Traditional taps run the risk of transmitting dirt and germs from the hand to the tap when turning it on, and transmitting them back to the just washed hand when turning the tap off. Kind of counter-productive. Touch sensitive taps like Delta’s Pilar kitchen faucet are one solution and the sensor activated taps often found in public toilets are another. Designer Jasper Dekker has come up with an even better solution with his Spatial Interaction faucet that allows users to control not only flow, but also temperature and stream type with a wave of a hand. Read More
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Delta’s Pilar kitchen faucet offers unique touch-technology

By - October 20, 2009 1 Picture
With the rise and rise of celebrity chefs and cooks on our screens, more home cooks are getting down and dirty in the kitchen, which (like it or not) may include using hands as mixing utensils. This is all well and good – until hand-washing time - when it is almost impossible to avoid covering the taps with your latest culinary offering. Help may be at hand - Delta has recently released its Pilar kitchen faucet - which can be turned on or off by a simple tap or touch anywhere on the spout or handle. Read More
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Inventive heating design delivers instant hot water to every faucet

By - September 30, 2006 2 Pictures
October 1, 2006 When we saw the technology behind this inventive line of hot water circulation pumps we just had to give it a mention. Having to wait for hot water at the faucet is inconvenient at best, but this system offers the convenience of having hot water at every faucet in the home instantly and is claimed to save up to 15,000 gallons of water annually for a typical family of four. Offered as both a retrofit and new installation, the system installs under the sink or faucet farthest from the water heater-where hot water has to travel for the longest time. Read More

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