Microsoft and Facebook to lay a huge subsea cable across the Atlantic

Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to build "MAREA", a huge subsea cable connecting North America and Europe to improve the companies online services infrastructure. Utilizing eight fiber pairs, the cable's initial capacity is estimated to be 160 terabits per second, which will make it the highest capacity cable crossing the Atlantic.Read More

VR Feature

2016 VR Comparison Guide

There are only a few VR headsets you can buy today – or at least only a few that matter – but now that consumer virtual reality is officially here, this sounds like a good time to compare your best options (both present and near future). Read on for our very first VR Headset Comparison Guide.Read More

Digital Cameras

Facebook builds its dream virtual reality video camera, and gives the design away for free

One observant media executive noted that Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no cars. AirBnb, the largest accomodation provider, owns no real estate and Facebook, the most popular media owner, creates no content. The social media giant looks unlikely to change tack as it forges ahead with its grand vision for virtual reality, but it does want to have a hand in the tools to bring it to us. Announced today, Facebook's Surround 360 is a 17-lens 3D-360-degree video capture system that looks like a spaceship and produces VR content on the fly, but its most impressive feature? The design and software is entirely open-source. Read More


Facebook feeds users 360-degree video

As of yesterday, Facebook users will begin seeing 360-degree videos in their News Feeds. The firm says the new video format will take the immersive content that people like to see in their News Feeds "a step further." Users will be able to pan around a video as it is playing in a similar way to Google Street View.Read More


Tips and tricks to get more from Facebook

Facebook opened its doors beyond academic institutions back in 2006, and it's changed a lot in those nine years. Mark Zuckerberg and his huge team of engineers are continually adding new features and tools to the site and the mobile apps, so you might not have come across everything that Facebook has to offer – follow these tips and tricks to get right up to speed again.Read More


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