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AdlensFocuss eyeglasses switch focus with the twist of a dial

By - June 24, 2015 4 Pictures

A few years ago, UK-based Adlens developed self-adjustable glasses designed to let those in the developing world dial in their ideal magnification level – no optometrist required. Now the company is bringing the technology to the developed world as an alternative to bifocals. Instead of looking through a different area of the lenses (and tilting your head forward and back) to switch from near to far objects, the magnification of the AdlensFocuss glasses is adjusted by a small dial on the arm.

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— Wearable Electronics

Buhel SoundGlasses let you take calls, hands- and earphone-free

By - February 3, 2015 5 Pictures
There are already plenty of ways of taking hands-free phone calls, although most of those involve wearing some sort of earpiece. Not everyone enjoys having something continuously stuck in their ear, however, plus such devices lessen the user's ability to hear other sounds through that ear. Buhel's SG05 SoundGlasses take a different approach. They relay sound to the user via bone conduction, leaving their ears open to hear the world around them. Read More
— Wearable Electronics

Jins Meme smart glasses have one eye on fatigue levels

By - December 21, 2014 2 Pictures
Much of the hype surrounding smart glasses stems from their ability to inform us of our environment, adding virtual tidbits to what we see around us. But for Japanese eyewear manufacturer Jins, what these wearable computers can tell us about ourselves might prove just as valuable. The company has announced a new line of smart glasses that tracks eye movement to identify when fatigue levels are on the rise, offering up useful data to better manage our workloads. Read More

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