Garmin's Varia Vision brings smarts to regular cycling glasses

Cyclists already have their pick of several brands of Google Glass-like smart glasses, which display data in riders' peripheral vision – this means that they don't have to look down at a cycling computer or smartphone display, taking their eyes off the road in the process. However, what if they already have a pair of "dumb" glasses that they want to keep using? Well, that's where Garmin's Varia Vision add-on comes in.Read More

Good Thinking

Student-designed aid for the deaf converts speech to AR captions

Speech-to-text systems already exist, as do augmented-reality displays. Now, a group of New York City teens led by Daniil Frants (who interned at the MIT Media Lab when he was 14) have combined the two technologies to form the Live Time Closed Captioning System (LTCCS). Once up and running, it could revolutionize the way in which deaf people communicate with the hearing world.Read More


Murata's "Cool Design Smart Glass" concept puts household appliance control in your face

Japanese electronics manufacturer Murata, in conjunction with the city of Sabae, showed its "Cool Design Smart Glass" concept eyewear at CEATEC 2015. The smart augmented reality (AR) glasses incorporate what Murata claims is the world's smallest micro PS switch module and are designed to give the wearer the ability to remotely control domestic appliances without searching down the back of the couch for the remote or making the long trek to the light switch.

Read More

Bicycles Review

Review: Uvex Variotronic cycling glasses change tint with the press of a button – or on their own

Photochromic glasses are great for things like heading out on evening bike rides, as their tint gradually lightens while the sun goes down. If you're bursting in and out of shadowy forests or zipping through dark tunnels, however, the slow reaction time of such glasses just can't keep up. That's where Uvex's Variotronic glasses come in, which use electrochromic tech to change tint in just a tenth of a second. I recently got to try a pair out, and there's nothing shady about them.Read More

Health & Wellbeing Review

Review: Adlens Adjustables glasses change focus to suit the user

It's always handy having a spare pair of glasses on hand, but paying for a second set of prescription specs is something that most of us would prefer not to do. Well, that's where Adlens Adjustables come in. They're inexpensive glasses that can be focused by the user to (more or less) match their prescription. We recently gave them a try, and can tell you that they work ... but you probably won't want to use them as your primary glasses.Read More


Solos smart glasses put performance data in cyclists' field of vision

Smarter smartphones, bike computers and fitness trackers have come to offer a wealth of information to cyclists on their performance, but they still invariably draw focus away from the road. At Interbike 2015, electronics company Kopin was showing eyewear aimed at placing ride data in a more convenient place, directly in the cyclist's field of vision. The Solos smart glasses pull metrics such as heart rate and average speed from connected devices to offer real-time feedback on cycling performance.Read More


OnCourse Goggles designed to keep triathletes swimming straight

If you regularly swim laps in a pool, chances are that you wear goggles so you can follow the lane markers on the bottom. For triathletes swimming in lakes or the sea, however, there are no lane markers. Instead, they have to periodically look up towards marker buoys, and may even then proceed forward in a time- and energy-wasting zig-zaggy pattern. That's why OnCourse Goggles were created. Using LEDs, they show the wearer how to stay … well, on course.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Opternative's online eye-testing service returns prescriptions in 24 hours

Taking time out of your day to make an appointment and see an optometrist isn't always that agreeable, and that's before they blow those little puffs of air onto your eyeballs. But one Chicago-based startup has visions of making eye examinations a lot more accessible. Since 2012, Opternative has been developing an online eye tester that lets users obtain prescriptions for glasses and contacts from the comfort of the home or office. And now with clinical trial success under its belt, it's rolling the service out to the public.Read More


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