Is exercise an effective cancer therapy?

While it's well-known that regular exercise can help you avoid getting cancer in the first place, researchers now believe that it could also be useful in actually combating the disease. An upcoming study led by University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) researchers aims to provide a more concrete answer to the question – can exercise really help fight cancer?Read More

Outdoors Review

Review: A snorkel that makes you feel like Aquaman

A swimmer's snorkel can dramatically change the way you bang out laps in the pool. Unlike a regular snorkel, these devices typically have a single tube that extends from a special mask up the center of your head so that you can swim without the need to turn your head from side to side to breathe. Ameo announced that it was fundamentally changing the design of the swimmer's snorkel in 2012 with its Powerbreather model. The company has finally released it and we had a chance to try it out.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Hyperice aims to create a buzz with new muscle-loosening sphere

As most serious athletes will know, one of the keys to avoiding muscle cramps involves loosening up the soft tissues both before and after intense physical activity. While there are already balls and rollers that let people do so, Hyperice's new Hypersphere adds another dimension – its core vibrates at a high frequency, reportedly getting those muscles and tendons as loose as a goose.Read More


This VR exercise bike makes sweating buckets feel like riding a Pegasus (hands-on)

A little over a year ago, we strapped on a Gear VR, sat on a stationary bike and waxed philosophical about a future where virtual reality helps people forget that they're exercising. Apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea, as VirZoom is one of at least two companies demoing VR-based exercise products at CES. We took VirZoom for a spin and the result was the coolest spin class we've ever taken.Read More

Technogym debuts "world's first" music-interactive treadmill tech

Quite a few people listen to music while using a treadmill, with the idea being that they'll walk/run more or less in time to the beat. Utilizing the Android-based Running Music feature on Technogym's Unity treadmill console, however, things are a little different – the music selection changes to suit the cadence of the user.Read More


Icaros fitness machine powers your workouts with virtual reality

Munich-based startup Icaros GmbH has a new way to motivate people to exercise more. Its somewhat intimidating fitness system blends the physical world with the virtual world, making you the protagonist of your own video game while working key muscles up and down your body. The company hopes the system will motivate folks that have come to avoid the gym like it's radioactive. Gimmick or a viable modern spin on exercise?
Read More


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