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Nissan Part e-Van spins music, serves drinks and augments reality

By - June 5, 2015 6 Pictures

Automakers like to kick off the summer season by letting their hair down and creating playful one-off builds that get down and party. In 2012, Nissan broke out the Juke Box rolling sound system, and last year Volkswagen brought the noise with the Amarok Power pickup. Nissan is back at it again in 2015, plugging the party in with a specially equipped e-NV200 electric van built to make cocktails, pump bass and provide an augmented reality experience.

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Fast-charging EDDA electric bus shows promise for regular use

By - June 3, 2015 2 Pictures

If electric buses are ever going to become a common sight in cities around the world, then they'll need to be able to operate like their traditional counterparts. This means no taking long breaks to recharge, or sacrificing seating space for the storage of huge batteries. While allowing them to draw power from the road is one alternative, the European EDDA Bus consortium is working on another – electric buses that can grab a quick charge at bus stops in just a few minutes.

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Mellow adds an electric drive to any old skateboard

By - May 13, 2015 6 Pictures

Making the leap from a regular skateboard to an electric model isn't as natural as it might appear. The things are heavy, expensive and are usually controlled by some kind of weird trigger controller. On top of that, maybe you'd find it hard to part with your trusty old longboard anyway? German startup Mellow is looking to make the upgrade a little more palatable with an attachable electric drive that can be mounted to any existing board and give it a little more zip.

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Video: Lightning LS-218 – the wildest ride of 2015

By - April 21, 2015 24 Pictures
You've read about the awesome Lightning LS-218 in our feature earlier this year, now you can see it in action. You might think electric vehicles are there to be clean and green and a little bit sensible, but the Lightning bike shows that battery power can deliver absolutely ridiculous levels of performance too. With 200 horsepower and a monstrous 168 lb.ft (228 Nm) of torque, this is the fastest accelerating vehicle I've ever experienced, it turned me into jelly. Riding the BMW S1000RR afterwards felt absolutely civilized in comparison, and that thing is seriously quick. Enjoy our video review! Read More

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