Electric Vehicles


BMW rips the battery out of the i3 and hangs it on your wall

Electric vehicle manufacturers are eager to give their cars another selling point by using them to put electricity back into the home and grid, not just pull it out. Tesla has the Powerwall and Nissan Leafs have been used in car-to-grid programs in the US and UK. BMW is continuing its own efforts by developing a system that could repurpose old i3 batteries for home and business energy storage.Read More


Volkswagen planning electric car offensive for 2025

Volkswagen certainly hasn't done its environmental credentials any favors recently, but its most recent announcement suggests the suits in Wolfsburg are thinking well beyond the future of crude oil. The automotive giant is planning to release more than 30 new battery-powered models before 2025 in an attempt to sell between two and three million EVs by the same year.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Luke Workman interview Part 3: Street racing, the birth of an electric obsession, and a lethal wedding ring

Luke Workman, aka LiveforPhysics, is a joyfully maniacal electric vehicle genius with his fingerprints on some of the most exciting and ridiculous projects in Silicon Valley. In the final part of our hilarious and mind-blowing interview series (don't miss parts one and two), Luke sits down with Loz to discuss his youth as a street racing hustler, how he got into lithium battery technology, the future of high performance motoring in an autonomous world ... and the lightly radioactive, potentially deadly and totally unique wedding ring he made for his wife.Read More


3,000 hp Venturi returning to Bonneville in search of elusive EV speed record

Rain may have stopped Venturi from taking the VBB-3 to the absolute max at Bonneville in the past, but the French team hasn't given up on its dream of taking out the electric land speed record. With that goal in mind, Venturi Automobiles will be back at Bonneville in September, with fingers and toes crossed hoping the wet weather doesn't prevent a run at the record for the fourth year running. Read More

Urban Transport

Conquer hills sitting or standing on the Eon Scooter

Foldable electric scooters seem to be proliferating like rabbits lately, but while most are great on the flat, they lack the torque to tackle significant hills. The team behind the Eon Scooter claims to have solved that problem by equipping their scooter with an electric motor powerful enough to carry a 250-lb (113-kg) rider up a 30-degree incline with no problem.Read More


Rugged B14 scooter gets adventurous upgrade for tearing up the dirt

The Rover B14 scooter from Portland's Works Electric is a tough, standup electric scooter built for kicking up dust and chewing through dirt. Like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium, the all-new B14 Adventure scooter debuts as a high-performance, off-road-tweaked upgrade on an already rugged vehicle. The latest Rover has been fortified for rough ground and tuned for increased speed and fun.Read More


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