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Luke Workman interview Part 2: The million-horsepower piston crusher, the Joby S2 and leaving Zero

If you missed part one of our Luke Workman interview, check it out. He's a brilliant, fearless, joyful maniac who has so many fingers in so many pies that he's got to have an extra pair of hands somewhere to fit them on. Formerly the lead lithium battery specialist at Zero Motorcycles, Luke is now an independent contractor working on a dozen ridiculously amazing projects including the stunning Joby S2. That's just his professional life – outside hours he's constantly working on a range of backyard science projects that would scare the bejesus out of any lesser being. In part two, we discuss his million-horsepower piston crusher, his multirotor projects and his post-Zero consulting career. Plus, Loz rides the Death Bike in a bicycle helmet and a Nomex suit.Read More


Bultaco sends its electric "moto-bikes" to the streets

Last year, Spanish motorcycle marque Bultaco rose from the ashes to present an all-new motorcyc ... er ... electric mountain bike. The 2,000-watt/37mph Brinco bike wasn't exactly the kind of "moto-bike" we imagine Bultaco fans were waiting for, but it was a pretty sweet ride in its own right. Bultaco still isn't ready to announce a legit production electric motorcycle like the Rapitan, but it's moving one step closer, bringing the Brinco off the dirt and onto the street. Read More

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New e-bike and scooter sure don't look retro

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the design of electric vehicles. On the one hand, there are people who think that in order to gain mainstream acceptance, the vehicles should look as normal as possible. On the other, some people believe that such innovative technology should be reflected with unconventional looks. Falling firmly in the latter category are ETT Industries' new Raker electric scooter and Trayser e-bike.Read More

Honda plans to produce the EV-Cub by 2018

The electric-powered version of the Honda Super Cub is slated to go into production in 2018, according to the company's new President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo. First introduced as a concept model in 2009, it will be initially offered only in Japan, before expanding to several Asian markets.Read More

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Review: EsCargo electric cargo bike is one heck of a strange ride

I've tested some strange and wonderful vehicles over the last year or two, but this has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've had in a long time. It turns everything I know about handling a motorcycle on its head. The EsCargo is a cargo-carrying electric delivery bike prototype with a unique double-knuckle front suspension and steering system the puts the front wheel more than a meter (3.3 ft) in front of you, giving it some very odd steering dynamics and thoroughly confusing my motorcycling brain. We caught up with inventor Oscar Fehlberg in Melbourne, Australia.Read More


Italian electric dirtbikes pack 2WD capability and ingenious smartphone dash displays

These two off-road electrics from Italy's Armotia bring some serious new chops to the table – for starters, two-wheel drive for extra traction on hill climbs and loose surfaces. But perhaps more interestingly, they're the first motorcycles to ditch the standard dash and replace it with a rugged, waterproof smartphone. That gives the bike access to inbuilt GPS, data connectivity, Bluetooth, a whole bunch of telemetry and other sensors, data storage, an unlimited range of display options, and easy recording and sharing of front and rear video from your rides. What a great idea! That could prove to be a revolutionary shift in the motorcycle business.Read More

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Video: A quick fang on Zero's 2016 FXS supermotard

When we rode the Zero FX back in 2015, we instantly proclaimed it "the naughtiest of all the Zero bikes" due to its aggressive, wheelie-happy attitude and light weight. As the only remaining dirt bike in the Zero catalogue, it's a cheeky little blighter of a thing and a lot of fun. For 2016, the team in Scotts Valley has tweaked it for the road and relaunched it as a separate model - the FXS supermotard. So, right after riding the Zero DSR dual sport, we took a brief fang on the FXS to check out its supermoto chops. Video included!Read More

Motorcycles Review

First ride: Zero launches crazy-quick DSR dual-sport in California

Zero Motorcycles has made evolutionary changes to its silent but deadly 2016 lineup, with improvements to battery chemistry, range, efficiency and heat management. There's also two new models – the FXS supermoto and the DSR (above), a dual sport platform that now features the full splendour of the high-power SR motor and powertrain. Gizmag visited Zero in Santa Cruz, California, to catch up with the team and check out the new toys.Read More


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