EDAG traditionally produces a concept car incorporating "new thought" for the Geneva Motor Show each year and the 2015 concept car might initially stretch your imagination beyond normal limits. The EDAG Light Cocoon Concept uses a weatherproof textile instead of the traditional metal skin for the car's panels, stretched over a bionically-inspired trellis body structure, then back-lit for effect. Read More
Of all the technologies to have emerged from the digital renaissance, additive manufacturing (3D printing) has the potential to be the most disruptive. A perfect example of the way 3DP will change the way we make things will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show this week when EDAG, the world’s largest independent engineering partner to the mobility industry, displays an example of a printed automobile. The Genesis is more a conceptual sculpture than an automobile, but it will give you a taste of what the world's leading manufacturers might be producing a decade or two from now. Read More
Here's one from this year's International Geneva Motor Show you may have overlooked. We first caught a whiff of EDAG's Light Car concept in the September of 2009, when the open source project was in preliminary development. At Geneva this year, EDAG unveiled the third member of what's fast becoming a full range of all-electric Light Cars: the EDAG Light Car - Sharing. Hmm. Let's call it the LC-S for short. A markedly different animal to the Light Cars before it, the LC-S is aimed at inner-city car hire fleets. Read More
While retractable hardtops have the edge on their softtop siblings by virtue of reduced road and wind noise, improved insulation and aerodynamics, they lack the typical cabriolet look. EDAG is set to show a completely new type of roof system at the Geneva Motor Show which combines the advantages of a soft top and a retractable hardtop. Read More
At Gizmag we’ve given EDAG some well-warranted attention over the years and, if you take a look at the company’s latest offering, you’ll understand why. The EDAG Light Car – Open Source is a collaboration of talented companies brought together by EDAG, all contributing to the one project in much the same way that Open Source works in the IT realm. The EDAG vehicle concept vision was first presented at this year’s 79th Geneva Motor Show in March and the company says further development of the project will be unveiled at the Frankfurt IAA show in a couple of days. A test vehicle is hoped to be ready for next year's Geneva Motor Show. Read More
March 2, 2007 As we previewed last month, EDAG’s latest concept car will be making its first appearance on March 6 in Geneva – the “EDAG LUV”. The design concept of the “LUV” is based on an luxury-class SUV and incorporates a maritime look from bow to stern: oiled teakwood on the hood, as the flooring on the interior, and on the elegant cargo area conveys a maritime flair. But the “EDAG LUV” is a real eye-catcher in other respects as well: the cargo area, behind the two rows of seats with plenty of room for 5 passengers, has been outfitted with teakwood and distinctly resembles a quarterdeck – in keeping with the maritime look of the concept car. Read More
January 25, 2007 The latest concept car from EDAG Engineering + Design AG, has a distinct nautical flair, with oiled teak used on the bonnet, inside as the floor covering , and again on the elegant loading platform behind the five seat cabin which gives it the air of a quarterdeck. Conceived as a niche vehicle, the Luxury Utility Vehicle (LUV) presents a maritime appearance from its bows to its stern, and is targeted at customers who are not looking for just an ordinary car, and who appreciate something more distinctive. The dimensions of the vehcile are also imposing - an impressive overall length of 5.7 metres, over 2 metres wide and 1.8 metres high, the EDAG LUV is a real eye-catcher which will be seen for the first time in public at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7, 2007. Read More
February 2, 2006 EDAG Engineering + Design regularly comes up with interesting automotive concepts and has once again surprised us with the Biwak concept it will display at the Geneva Motor Show later this month. Like the Porsche Chopster SUV it showed last year, the Biwak is a derivative concept based on an existing design, though this time, it's based on Volkswagen's iconic Beetle. In this case, the classic, half-rounded beetle shape has been converted into an estate silhouette, creating extra room for various new professional and leisure applications. Now if you think the exterior treatment is provocative, wait until you get to the rationale. The EDAG Biwak look is “inspired by the spirit of the grunge movement of the early 1990s.” EDAG describes the Biwak thus: a daring mix of materials in the interior and exterior, and patina instead of a high-gloss finish dominate the appearance of the avantgarde Beetle, which signals understatement and individuality for a new generation of vehicle owners. The vehicle will be unveiled at a press conference on March 1, 2006. Read More
November 17, 2005 The EDAG Cinema 7D concept car, the "cinema on wheels" has won the acclaimed red dot award for the mobility category. The concept car from the creative offices of the EDAG design studio beat international competitors from 24 countries to win the category with the award for innovative design be presented to Johannes Barckmann, manager of the EDAG Design Studio during the award ceremony in Singapore today. The “red dot” is awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, one of the oldest and most acclaimed design institutes in Europe, the award has international importance and is regarded worldwide as a trademark for high design quality. The award was presented from 1955 on as the “Rote Punkt” and since 1992 as “red dot”. With their industrial designs firms from Asia, North and South America and Europe take part in the competition and the winning products are presented in the special exhibition “Design Innovations”. The EDAG Cinema 7D” is the first prize winner of the new category “red dot award: Design Concept” for innovative design concepts. Read More
February 19, 2005 Last November Gizmag released the first information about the Porsche Cayenne-based Rinspeed Chopster and at the time we commented that the beautiful Cayenne was a most unlikely vehicle to mess with. The new 600 horsepower Chopster SUV will debut at the Geneva Motor Show and interestingly, it somehow got a lot better looking in the last three months. A collaboration between two of the most innovative automotive companies in the world, the Chopster offers 800nM of torque and costs around 325,000 Euro. Read More