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The DSLR Controller Android app allows users to remotely control a Canon DSLR

Apps can often expand the capabilities of a smartphone far beyond its basic use, for instance, enabling the device to serve as a DSLR remote controller. While the idea itself is not particularly new, such a program hasn't been yet available for Android devices. Although still in the development phase, the DSLR Controller app has already been made available for download through Android Market, priced at US$8.51.  Read More

ZEISS Ultra Prime set

Like all things digital, the technology in your beautiful new camera is heading towards obsolescence at an alarming rate. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, about that SLR lens with its own processors and motors for focus, aperture and stabilization. In the analog world of manual film lenses where a lifetime of use is guaranteed there has been a renaissance in the manufacture of high quality optics at all price points, driven in part by the advent of digital SLRs and cheaper camcorder options that are capable of delivering that "film look". But for serious moving picture shooting, still camera lenses just won’t cut it. Let’s explore why.  Read More

The DSLR Follow Focus is a simple, inexpensive device, designed to bring follow focus capa...

One of the challenges faced by serious videographers is the ability to “land” the camera’s focus ring on the right spot when shifting focus between two onscreen objects. If you’re shifting between a person in the background and a flower in the foreground, for instance, it can often take several tries before getting a take where you don’t focus right past the flower, or overcompensate by slowly creeping up to it. Professionals use a device called a follow focus to avoid this problem, but they can often be prohibitively expensive for amateurs and low-budget film-makers. Fortunately, however, those people now have an alternative – the DSLR Follow Focus.  Read More

The Duopod project from designer Ben Millett functions as both a shoulder-mounted steadica...

Shooting movies and television shows using digital SLR (DSLR) cameras that also record high definition video is becoming much more widespread - in fact, the Season 6 finale of House was shot using Canon's EOS 5D Mark II camera, and Philip Bloom is said to have shot a number of scenes for the upcoming Lucasfilm World War II film Red Tails using the very same model. If you're looking to make your own DSLR epic, then you'll want to keep things steady while chasing someone down the stairs or running after your star through a busy city street. The Mount Kestrel Duopod concept from designer Ben Millett is a solid-looking shoulder-mounted steadicam rig that can also double as a floor-standing, two-legged camera platform.  Read More

Mark Stevenson has designed a simple solution to allow photographers to secure a lens cap ...

While I've been lucky never to have actually misplaced a lens cap for my digital SLR, there have been times when I've been lost for somewhere to put it between shots (no suggestions please). Chicago's Mark Stevenson has designed a simple solution to allow photographers to secure the wandering lens cap to a camera strap or camera bag.  Read More

In addition to geotagging images with earth-bound locations, the new O-GPS1 unit from Pent...

A new GPS module designed for use with the latest digital SLR cameras from Pentax could help photographers who like to capture shots of the heavens avoid annoying star trails on long exposure shots. As well as adding earth-bound location information to images, the weather-resistant O-GPS1 unit also tracks the location and movement of celestial bodies and, with the help of the shake reduction system within the camera, shifts the image sensor in sync with the movement of the stars and planets.  Read More

Hasselblad has announced that its latest multi-shot digital SLR is available for shipping ...

Hasselblad has announced that its new H4D-200MS camera is now available for shipping. Announced at last year's Photokina, the 50 megapixel camera features the company's own multi-shot image technology which allows it to combine multiple successive images into one 200 megapixel photo. The new professional-level camera has been given a suitably huge price tag but owners of the previous multi-shot system don't have to buy a completely new system, H4D-50MS models can be returned to the Hasselblad's factory for a refit.  Read More

Sigma has announced the forthcoming release of its flagship SD1 digital SLR camera, with  ...

You could be forgiven for thinking that Japan's Sigma is just a maker of lenses for the cameras of other companies like Canon and Nikon, but that's not the case. The company broke into the digital camera market in 2002 with the SD9, which was also the first outing for a new sensor technology developed by Foveon. Unlike other sensors that capture one color per pixel location, the Foveon X3's stacked design captures all three colors at each pixel, which is said to result in more accurate color reproduction and sharper resolution. Now Sigma is about to release a new camera sporting a new version of the X3 sensor, dual image processing engines and improved ISO sensitivity. It's also very expensive ...  Read More

The Zacuto Z-Finder EVF

HDSLR cameras are taking off in a big way as cheap video rigs with quality interchangeable glass – but the more you get into SLR filmmaking, the more obstacles you find yourself working around. One of those obstacles is that you can't stick your eye to a viewfinder – you have to watch an LCD screen. And in harsh sunlight or wide aperture conditions, that makes it very difficult to get a tight focus on the action. And that's exactly why Zacuto's Z-Finder EVF was built; it's an alternative plug-in LCD screen for your DSLR that can be mounted on a frame or held separate to the camera. It's got higher resolution than your camera's screen, it's got a rubber eyepiece to block out ambient light, and a bunch of other pro video-friendly features that help move your DSLR closer to a proper video camera form factor.  Read More


DSLR cameras have brought high-def video capture into the hands of vast numbers of people like myself – people who have now had a glimpse at the possibility of making pro-standard video but who don't have the cash for all the pricey accessories that you need to move to the next level. So a bunch of businesses are taking creative approaches to bring down the cost of moviemaking – and here's a neat example. RigWheels are a simple and compact way to build yourself a cheap camera dolly to liven up your footage with sliding shots – the visual effect is similar to what we got with a slightly more expensive Glidetrack-type slider rig on our recent Zero Electric Supermoto review video.  Read More

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