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Labradors' genes are to blame for their chubbiness

Labradors have a reputation for being obsessed with food, and in turn, they have a tendency to become obese more than a lot of other canines. Well, new research suggests that the trait is actually the result of a genetic variation that's particularly common in the breed – and the finding could lead to better treatments for human obesity.Read More


Training dogs by computer and "smart harness"

While it's important that dogs know some basic obedience commands at the very least, training them can be a monotonous and frustrating experience. Well, perhaps before too long, we could have computers doing the job for us. They're already being used to teach dogs to sit, at North Carolina State University.Read More


Smart collar helps search high and low for Fido

Even the most watchful dog owners know that it only takes a second for Fido to escape into the big, wide world and once on the lam, it can be tough to track down a pooch with a nose for adventure. The Kyon GPS pet collar from an Athens, Greece,-based team not only tracks down your pet in terms of latitude and longitude, but also altitude to reveal which floor of a building it is located.Read More


Prickly pelt to protect pooches from predators

If your canine companion is of the smaller, more vulnerable variety you may have wondered how you could safeguard against vicious attacks from larger animals. Rather than training Fido up to fend off the assailants himself, fitting the pet with a prickly protective vest that scares off predatory coyotes might be a more practical option.Read More

ProBowl monitors your dog's eating habits

Once upon a time, the choice in dog feeding bowls was metal, ceramic or plastic. The ProBowl from Obe takes things a step further with a smart design that monitors a dog's food and water intake in real time and sends alerts if there are abnormal changes, helping owners to keep watch on their pet's diet.Read More


High-tech harness lets the blind check on their guide dogs

Humans communicate primarily in a verbal manner, while dogs rely more on visual cues. While this can make communication between the two species challenging at the best of times, it's particularly difficult when the human is unable to see the dog – as is the case with blind people and their guide dogs. As a result, it may not always be possible for owners to know when their guide dogs are stressed. An experimental new harness, however, may be able to help.Read More

Jekies Glovebag simplifies pooch poop pickup

Anyone who owns a dog knows that picking up after it isn't the high point of pet ownership. This unholy alliance of dog and doo has led many an inventor to seek an alternative to the standard plastic bag. The Jekies Glovebag is one that could make getting rid of your dog’s number two a bit easier.Read More

How's Fido feeling? The DogStar TailTalk translates tail wags

Humans and dogs have a pretty special bond, and it's incredible how our canine companions are able to sense our moods and intentions. We usually have a good idea about how our dogs are feeling, too, but DogStar is looking to take some of the guesswork out of the equation with an emotion sensing doggy-wearable called TailTalk.Read More


Cerberus system equips dogs with extra eyes and ears

Dogs may make excellent team mates, but they aren't very good at telling you what they see. Colchester-based Visual Engineering's Cerberus Digital Canine Transmission system is designed take this feedback way beyond barking by providing a high-tech set of eyes that let the handler see what the canine sees.Read More


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