The lamp that's not a lamp

Billed as the "first lampless lamp," the UpLamp ditches a conventional bulb or LED in favor of your smartphone's LED camera flash. The "lamp's" optics scatter the light from the flash throughout the device's interior and onto a resin imbued with a fluorescent additive that forms the device's surface to produce a soft glow.Read More

Cygnus spacecraft finally docks with ISS

As of 9:26 am EST, the Orbital ATK Cygnus supply vessel has finally succeeded in docking with the International Space Station following a series of weather-related delays. The Cygnus launched to the ISS last week boasted a 53 percent increase in cargo capacity over previous versions, allowing the spacecraft to replenish the station with roughly 7,000 lb (3,175 kg) worth of consumables, scientific experiments and station hardware.Read More


Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS despite failing to deploy solar panel

A Russian-made Soyuz TMA-17M blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome last night, as it undertook a journey to the International Space Station. Aboard the spacecraft was NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Kimiya Yui. The initial launch proceeded without incident, with the rocket successfully reaching preliminary staging orbit. However, soon after reaching space it became apparent that the spacecraft's port solar array had failed to open. Read More


Astronauts undertake spacewalk to begin reconfiguring ISS

NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts have successfully completed a grueling six hour and 41 minute spacewalk. It saw the Americans route 340 ft (104 m) of cable in order to facilitate the fitting of a future docking system that will allow the next generation of unmanned and manned commercial craft (such as SpaceX's Dragon and Boeing's CST-100 spacecraft), to berth at the station's harmony docking node. The installation of the new system will represent the most significant reconfiguration of the ISS since the US Space Shuttle Program. Read More

Home Entertainment

The world's biggest iPod dock is a meter tall

Have your iPod dock speakers ever been found wanting? Perhaps the background noise was a little too loud? Well this should do the trick. The Wall of Sound 2 kicks out at a spritely 8000 watts and 130dB; as loud, apparently, "as an F-15 jet with its afterburners on at 100 meters". Or, in layman’s terms, to permanently damage hearing. Read More

BIG completes subterranean Danish National Maritime Museum

Denmark-based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) recently completed work on the new Danish National Maritime Museum. The museum is placed within a large pre-existing dry dock, and thus doesn’t unduly disrupt the local area – an important concern given its location adjacent to the historical Kronborg castle, as immortalized in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Read More

Around The Home

Sense+ turns a smartphone dock into a potential life-saver

While most smartphone docks focus on bringing da noise to add some life to a party, the Sense+ Docking Station is designed to be a potential life-saver. The portable device packs built-in smoke and gas detection sensors to sound an alert in the event of fire. The Sense+ also works in conjunction with an accompanying app that automatically calls friends and family if the user doesn’t respond.Read More


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