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Data Storage

— Computers

HGST's helium-filled HDD offers a world-first 10 TB of storage

By - June 9, 2015 3 Pictures

We first caught wind of HGST's high capacity hard drives in 2012, when the company claimed it could boost storage capacities by 40 percent by replacing regular old air inside the drive enclosure with helium. The Western Digital subsidiary stayed the course, producing a helium-based 6 TB HDD in 2013 and 8 TB model in 2014, and has now continued the upward trend with the world's first 10 TB hard drive.

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— Wearable Electronics

ReVault is wireless storage you can wear

By - May 19, 2015 5 Pictures
Everyone has data that they want to get access to on all of their devices. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, with the most popular being cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or OneDrive. However, local storage is still more secure in most cases, and that’s why ReVault exists. It’s a wearable drive that allows users to sync their data across all of their devices without needing the cloud. Read More
— Science

World's first plasmonic nanostructure recording could produce storage breakthrough

By - March 24, 2015 2 Pictures
The use of optical sound-on-film recording on early movie films revolutionized the motion picture industry and remained the standard method of audio recording in that medium for more than 80 years. Now researchers from the University of Illinois have emulated that feat in miniature by claiming to have recorded the world's first optically encoded audio onto a plasmonic film substrate. The size of human hair, this substrate has a capacity over five-and-a-half thousand times greater than conventional analog magnetic recording media. Read More
— Science

First-ever quantum device that detects and corrects its own errors

By - March 22, 2015 3 Pictures
Before the dream of quantum computing is realized, a number of inherent problems must first be solved. One of these is the ability to maintain a stable memory system that overcomes the intrinsic instability of the basic unit of information in quantum computing – the quantum bit or "qubit". To address this problem, Physicists working at the University of California Santa Barbara (UC Santa Barbara) claim to have created breakthrough circuitry that continuously self-checks for inaccuracies to consistently maintain the error-free status of the quantum memory. Read More
— Mobile Technology

SanDisk crams 200 GB into the world's highest capacity microSD card

By - March 1, 2015 1 Picture
With all the high quality snaps, audio and video that we fill our mobile devices with these days, it doesn't take much to for the onboard storage to hit capacity. But SanDisk has just introduced a new microSD card designed to provide a little more storage breathing room. The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition, packs a whopping 200 GB of storage capacity, while retaining the same diminutive microSD form factor. Read More