Loud Bicycle Horn is ... well, it's LOUD

One of the big reasons people give for not commuting by bicycle is the fear that drivers won't notice them on the road. While various devices are available to make bikes and riders more visible, the designers of the 125-decibel Loud Bicycle Horn have concentrated their efforts on another goal – making sure that cyclists are heard.Read More

New cycling water bottle does away with the cage

Although most cyclists probably don't give much thought to their water bottle or bottle cage, the fact is that like just about anything else, those components can be lightened and simplified. That's just what British cycling design company Fabric has done, with its new Cageless water bottle.Read More


MagLOCK takes another kick at magnetic clipless bike pedals

Last November we first heard about MagLOCK pedals – clipless mountain bike pedals that use magnets instead of springs to keep the rider's feet attached, and that can also be used as regular platform pedals. The product fell short of its crowdfunding goal, perhaps because the pedals were kind of clunky, but MagLOCK designer Dave Williams is now back on Kickstarter with a sleeker, lighter and less expensive version.Read More


What's up Chris Froome's nose?

In a sport as taxing and hard-fought as cycling, even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between making a stage-winning breakaway or falling off the back and out of contention. Some cyclists wear breathing strips on their noses in an attempt to open up their airways, an approach Team Sky’s Chris Froome has taken a step further at this year’s Tour de France by wearing a specially-designed stent called the Turbine.

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Bicycles Review

Review: Light & Motion Urban Trail 850 FC bike light is compact but packs a wallop

Thanks to continuing advances in LED and lithium battery technology, it's now not uncommon to see mountain bike headlights putting out 3,000 lumens or more. Most of these high-intensity lights incorporate two or three bulbs, however, requiring a separate battery pack to power them. With this in mind, we were intrigued when we heard that Light & Motion had declared its self-contained new Urban 850 Trail FC to be "the most powerful single-LED bike light that exists." We gave it a try and liked what it has to offer ... even if its claim may be a little hard to substantiate.Read More


Garmin's Varia Radar warns cyclists of traffic approaching from the rear

Garmin gave hope to many a floundering tech startup's CEO earlier this year when it purchased Ikubu Ltd in the wake of a crowdfunding campaign that came up short. Though the company failed to capture the imagination of the Dragon Innovation crowdfunding community, Garmin liked the cut of Ikubu's jib, so it snapped the company up with a view to bringing its rear-facing bike radar system to market. Now, the electronics giant has unveiled the finished, more polished product dubbed Varia Radar, which also integrates with Garmin's Edge cycle computer.Read More


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