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Atari joins the connected household game

It's been a long time since Atari hardware was the centerpiece of a tech-savvy household, but now the classic videogame-maker is looking to re-enter the fray. Today it has announced a partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Sigfox to develop a new set of products for the connected home, with plans to cover everything from your own safety to that of your cats and dogs.Read More


Bicycle "operating system" gears up for 2017 release

The more that technology advances, the greater the variety of electronic gadgets that can be installed on our bikes. Lights are an obvious example, but there are also electronic shifting and suspension systems, along with things like actioncams, phone chargers, and cycling computers. As it stands right now, they're almost all stand-alone items, receiving power independently and sometimes working to cross purposes. Randall Jacobs and Kyle Manna hope to change that, with their OpenBike "connected bicycle ecosystem."Read More

SeeNote drags the sticky note into the digital age

Considering the number of connected devices popping up around the home, it's surprising no-one has tried to reinvent the sticky note until now. The SeeNote has a compact, front-lit ePaper display and gives you reminders based on live traffic information, provides access to a range of smart-home features and, of course, lets you leave notes for your housemates. Read More


Peugeot's Traveller i-Lab imagines the future of business shuttles

Peugeot is using the upcoming Geneva International Auto Show to offer the world its vision of what a highly-connected business shuttle could look like in the not-too-distant future. Positioned as a concept vehicle based on the Peugeot Traveller that will debut at the same show, the Traveller i-Lab is heavy on technology that complies with the needs of today's business traveler.Read More


UK roads to become connected and autonomous vehicle test-track

Miles of roads in the UK are to be used for testing connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. The £5.5 m (US$7.9 m) UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK-CITE) project will allow new tech to be evaluated in real-world driving conditions. It will help to make driving safer, to reduce journey times and to prevent traffic jams.Read More


Sync Connect makes your Ford remote controlled

Ford has announced a new Sync Connect service, which allows users to remotely control and monitor certain features of their car. Tesla already has a similar app, but Sync Connect brings the functionality to a broader marker. Users can remotely locate, unlock, lock and start their car.Read More

Mobile Technology

Wi-Fi Aware protocol stakes out your surroundings

Wi-Fi technology has helped bring a world of information to our fingertips via mobile devices, but a new certification program from the Wi-Fi Alliance aims to make the technology a bit more local. The Wi-Fi Aware protocol is designed to extend Wi-Fi's capabilities to improve on current proximity-based functions without the need for cellular, Wi-Fi hotspot or GPS connections.

Read More

Volvo expands project enabling cars to share information on road conditions

Volvo is a company known primarily for two things: safety and cars that look like the crate they're shipped in. The company may have lost the boxy image years ago, but it has never lost its dedication to safety. At the forefront of a raft of safety trends and developments for decades, Volvo recently announced that it is escalating its ongoing project allowing cars to share information about road conditions.Read More


Glagla Connect shoes puts fitness tracking underfoot

If you're a fitness fanatic looking to use technology to monitor your activity, then slapping on a wristband like a Fitbit or a Jawbone might seem the easiest option. But in the eyes of French shoe company Glagla, there are things our footwork can tell us about our fitness that other body movements cannot. At this week's CES, it has wheeled out a pair of connected sports shoes that it claims can track fitness metrics with unrivaled accuracy. Read More


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