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Cogenra's cogeneration system produces heat and electricity, increasing efficiency to up t...

The Southern California Gas Company, the largest natural gas distribution company in the U.S., has become the first utility in that country to test Cogenra’s solar cogeneration solution for cooling purposes. The system will provide air conditioning for SoCalGas’s Energy Resource Center (ERC). Until now, the technology has been mainly applied to solar hot water, space heating and electricity.  Read More

Though there may be no obvious green bells and whistles such as wind turbines or photovolt...

Look up this project on the website of its architects ACXT and you will find that it goes by the rather understated name of 242 Affordable Housing Units in Salburúa (Salburúa being a neighborhood in the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz). In many ways the downplaying of the name is in keeping with ACXT's quiet approaches to sustainable design. Though there may be no obvious green bells and whistles such as wind turbines or photovoltaics, passive architectural methods combined with on-site generation contribute to what ACXT claims is a "considerable reduction" in the building's carbon dioxide emissions.  Read More

The Honda Smart Home System Demonstration Testing House

Honda has unveiled a demonstration house in Saitama, Japan, to showcase and test its new Honda Smart Home System (HSHS). Featuring a line-up of innovative energy production, management and conservation solutions, the company hopes HSHS will free homeowners from the constraints of on-grid living somewhat, give them a leg up on self-sufficiency when disaster strikes and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions both at home and on the road by networking electric vehicles into the mix.  Read More

The Fit EV has a top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h), which should be more than adequate for co...

Honda slipped two more pieces of the Honda Electric Mobility Network into place at the LA Auto Show yesterday, revealing a Fit EV Concept and details of the plug-in hybrid platform, both of which forecast vehicles that will hit showrooms in 2012. The Fit EV and plug-in platform are impressive, but the evolution of Honda's Electric Mobility Network is looking increasingly like a killer proposition for consumers.  Read More

3 billion cars on the road by 2035 - is mobility as we know it sustainable?

Leading economic forecaster Global Insight has released a white paper exploring the potential future demand for vehicles to 2035. The paper predicts the global fleet could reach 3 billion vehicles by 2035, four times the current 800 million. It suggests that personal transport of the future will probably be very different having been through decades of ever-lengthening commutes, gridlocked roads, increasing parking issues, soaring fuel prices, road congestion regulations, air-quality concerns and climate change. Clearly, non-conventional solutions are needed.  Read More

La Tour Vivante (Image credit: workshop SoA architects)

June 26, 2007 Would you have ever thought it conceivable to grow vast amounts of produce in the heart of densely populated cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo or New Delhi? A new model for agriculture is proposing just that. Vertical farming is the latest concept to address the impending crisis in world food production and follows the same methodology that town planners have used for years to cope with growing populations and space limitations; build up, not out. Aiming to bring food production to the places where most of the consumption occurs, the concept envisages specially designed skyscrapers that contain multiple levels of viable farmland providing all-year-round food production in a controlled, parasite-free environment.  Read More

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