Coffee grounds recycled as sustainable road material

Melbourne folk do love their coffee, and one day the beverage mightn't be just pepping them up for a day's work but paving the way for their trip into the office. Swinburne University researchers have scoured the campus' cafes for coffee grounds and used them as part of the mix for a more sustainable road construction material.Read More

Around The Home

Yecup 365 travel mug brings drinks to preferred temp – hot or cold

Similar to the Ember mug, but designed for both hot and cold beverages, the all-new Yecup 365 from Armenian company Yecup Technologies is claimed to bring your drink to just the right temperature and keep it there for hours. It heats your coffee or tea from lukewarm to piping hot and cools your water or Gatorade from room temperature to comfortably chilled. Beyond beverage service, it can also charge your smartphone or tablet. If the Yecup 365 makes it through to production, it will set new IQ standards for the "smart" travel mug.Read More

Health & Wellbeing Feature

Caffeine in the 21st century: A review of four delivery methods

Forget drones, 3D printing and virtual reality headsets. The future is really all about new ways to get caffeine into your system. Remember back in the dark ages of the last century when, if you wanted a jolt, you pretty much could only drink some coffee, tea, a carbonated franken-drink or pop a few NoDoz pills? Well, no more. Caffeine has been liberated from the coffee cup and is now available in a wide array of delivery methods. I got my hands on four of them and lost a few nights' sleep to find out which ones bring the buzz and which are simply snoozers.Read More

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Ripple Maker can put your face in your coffee

It's kinda nice when baristas draw little things like hearts or leaves in the foam on your cappuccino. There's a chance, however, that those designs may be going the way of cave paintings. That's because Israeli startup Steam CC recently introduced its Ripple Maker, a machine that reproduces photos, text or other graphics on coffee foam.Read More

Good Thinking

Mojoe puts a battery-powered drip coffeemaker in your travel mug

Is humanity growing tardier and tardier? It sure seems that way when looking at the coffee-on-the-go market. There's an almost endless supply of travel mugs and vacuum bottles out there, and more and more brew-on-the-go solutions having been joining the fray of late. Some such designs require preheated water or an external power supply, but the Mojoe can operate independently, heating and brewing your favorite coffee thanks to a rechargeable battery.
Read More

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Auroma One learns and brews coffee according to personal taste preferences

For some people, morning doesn't start until after that first sip of piping-hot coffee. Depending on how adamant you are about the ideal cup, this could involve getting up, getting dressed, and driving to a local coffee shop first. But those who are interested in having the convenience of a professional barista right at home may find it with Auroma Brewing Company. Its Auroma One is a smart coffee maker that's designed to learn taste preferences and craft perfect cups of coffee.Read More

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Smartphone-controlled mug keeps coffee at the perfect temperature for longer

That small window where a freshly brewed coffee is at the perfect temperature can close pretty quickly sometimes, particularly if you're distracted by other tasks during your morning routine. California-based Ember Technologies has developed a connected coffee mug that is claimed to keep your beverage hotter for longer, with users able to set the temperature through a companion smartphone app or a twist of the mug's base.Read More


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