USB-powered Evolve Hoodie keeps you toasty warm with tech

Whether or not you're the type that owns articles of clothing for every reason and season, you may want to make a little extra room within your winter wear collection. One of the latest wearables uses modern tech to keep you more comfortable when it's chilly out. Venture Heat has launched its Evolve Heated Hoodie, a zip-up sweatshirt that's powered by a USB power bank.Read More


Lumenus smart jacket signals a change of direction for cyclists

Visibility is a crucial part of cyclist safety, but it's also important that their turning intentions are relayed to other road users. Hand signals were the only option in this area for a long time, but in recent years we've seen technology, such as the Zackees cycling gloves, designed to improve the visibility of turn signals at night. The Lumenus jacket on display at Interbike takes a similar approach, but goes a step further by letting cyclists be guided by the light.Read More


Responsive sports bra opens up when things get hot and sweaty

Bras can be pretty uncomfortable items of apparel – or so I'm reliably informed. And while bras worn for show in the bedroom often have plenty of ventilation, those worn on the sporting field for support often don't. To show off the potential for its Curie module, Intel teamed up with architectural sportswear designer Chromat to produce two "responsive garments" – a bra and a dress – which change shape is response to the wearer's body temperature, adrenaline or stress levels.Read More


Would you take fashion advice from a computer?

Fashion is a strange, fickle beast. It changes with the seasons, following new styles and the hottest celebrities' latest looks. What's cool now could be dorky next week. But it may soon get much easier to keep up, provided you're willing to listen to the advice of an unfeeling machine – specifically, a computer algorithm that crunches the numbers to give you an assessment as to how fashionable your outfit is and how it might be improved.Read More

BauBax Jacket bursts at the seams with features

Most jackets offer very little usefulness beyond their ability to keep you warm and dry, save for a few pockets to keep a few basic items safe. But the BauBax Jacket is a travel jacket intended to offer a little more, with 14 different uses beyond a jacket's standard capabilities.

Read More
Good Thinking

Smart measuring tape aims to take the guesswork out of online shopping

No matter how sure you are of your size, buying clothes online always carries the risk that they won't fit correctly when they arrive. With different brands having different ideas of what's small, medium and large, how do you know for certain that you've ticked the right box? Italian fashion startup Xyze (pronounced "Size") is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for a smart measuring tape that records your body's dimensions and translates this to a particular brand's size chart, threatening to deal a critical blow to the "never worn" category on eBay. Read More


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