Wearables Review

Pushing my belly and flipping my hood to listen to tunes

Hoodies and headphones go together like Star Wars and sequels. A new company plans to capitalize on that music/clothing combo with the launch of the Hiody sweatshirt on Kickstarter. It embeds headphones in the hood of a premium sweatshirt and a control button just above the pockets. But just how well does the high-tech hoodie work? We got our hands on one to find out.Read More

3D Printing

3D Fashion project set to revolutionize clothing industry

A new partnership between Loughborough University in the UK and garment manufacturer the Yeh Group aims to kick 3D printed fashion into gear. The idea is to cut out the waste of the clothing industry and hopefully arrive at the project's eventual goal, which is to provide a system for personalized, printed polymer clothing that takes just 24 hours to produce.Read More


Winter innovations and ski gadgets for surviving the cold

If you're currently in a state of perpetual misery because of the bleak, damp cold outside your window, help is on the way. After looking at the new gear and clothing revealed at major sports shows like ISPO and SIA, as well as through the latest crowdfunding campaigns, we've found the newest, most innovative gadgets and wearables for beating the cold and frost, on the slopes and on the streets.
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Hypnos hoodie hood pumps up for power naps

We've all been in a position where we want to take a nap but are away from our bed. To make it possible, clothes manufacturer Hypnos has taken the hoodie and given it a pillow. When wearers need some shut-eye, they need only inflate the hood to rest their head.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Applying the heat to Ravean's heated down vest and hoodie

With winter fast approaching, those in the Northern Hemisphere might be looking for some new winter woolies to stave of the cold. But like the teams behind the Avade jersey and Evolve Hoodie, Utah-based Ravean thinks adding some active heating technology to a garment is a better option than resorting to layer and layer. We've spent the past few weeks with Ravean's USB battery-powered heated down vest and heated hoodie and think Ravean and its competitors make a compelling case.

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Bull-it Jeans' armored hoodie packs protection comparable to a set of leathers

Your standard hoodie couldn't really be classified as protective motorcycle gear, but the popularity of hoodies in general has led to manufacturers like Speed and Strength and Bilt making armored versions for motorcyclists. Bull-it Jeans can now be added to that list, but its armored hoodie uses a relatively new material called Covec, which was designed specifically for motorcycle apparel and has abrasion resistance that's better than Kevlar and as good as some leathers.Read More


SkinSuit designed to reduce harmful physical effects of weightlessness tested on ISS

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) got a fashion show with a medical twist last month as Denmark’s first astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, donned a SkinSuit designed to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged periods of weightlessness on the human body. Developed as part of an international effort led by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the new suit is designed to simulate the pressures of normal gravity to prevent unhealthy stretching of the spine.Read More


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