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Spider clock pays homage to modern art icon

The work of one of the most famous and lasting names from the Modern Art movement was the inspiration for two Swiss companies to come together on a high-end clock collaboration. Called Arachnophobia, the timepiece references the Maman, a spider sculpture created by the iconic artist Louise Bourgeois.Read More

The Shadowplay clock requires a human touch to tell the time

Shadowplay strips the clock back to its basic elements, with an empty clock face bathed in light from the LEDs embedded in its plywood frame. There are no numbers, and no hands, at least until someone touches the clock face, at which point the time is picked out in two shadowy streaks which extend past the edge of the clock.
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Atomic clocks could be used to monitor volcanoes and predict eruptions

If you've ever been to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, you may have been aware of two things; its magnificent grandeur, and the fact that it's an active supervolcano that, if it ever erupted again, would be worst event to hit the Earth since the dinosaur-killing asteroid. To help keep an eye out for this and similar events, a team at the University of Zurich have developed a means of monitoring volcanic events using atomic clocks.Read More


Leap second to make 61-second minute at end of June

If you're one of those people who just can't find the time to fit everything you want to do into a day, then mark June 30 on your calendar. On that Tuesday you'll have a little extra time on your hands because, at precisely 23:59:59 GMT, the world's clocks will add a second to the day, making it 24 hours and one second long.Read More

Around The Home

SensorWake alarm clock wakes you up with your favorite aromas

Let's be honest, there isn't really an easy way to get up in the morning. Your warm, toasty bed will always be warm and toasty, and outside of it will always present a cold and unfathomable start to the day. Still, that hasn't stopped a long line of takes on the classic alarm clock designed to make mornings that little bit easier. The latest to clock on in this ongoing struggle is French startup by SensorWake, whose tabletop timepiece sees your favorite scents waft through your nostrils just as you're due to wake. Read More


NASA to test atomic clock to keep space missions on time

If you thought the Apple watch was something to write home about, take a look at NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC). This miniaturized, ultra-precise mercury-ion atomic clock is described by the space agency as "orders of magnitude more stable than today's best navigational clocks," and is smaller and more accurate than any that's been previously sent into space. In 2016, it will fly on a test mission to demonstrate a technology that NASA sees as key to a number of high-priority Earth-orbit and deep space missions.Read More

Rolling World Clock hops between time zones with a simple nudge

A smartphone app, an internet search or even some quick calculations are all effective enough ways of working out the time in other locations around the world, but perhaps aren't as elegant as the World Clock from Korean design firm Elevenplus. This stylish timepiece can quickly show you the time in 24 different time zones, needing only a little push in the right direction. Read More


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