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Toshiba adds 1080p IPS display and Skullcandy audio to its Chromebook 2

By - September 7, 2014 12 Pictures
Having joined the Chromebook party earlier this year with the first Chromebook to feature a 13-inch HD display, Toshiba has followed it up with its Chromebook 2. On display it IFA, Toshiba's second-generation Chromebook will come in two versions that continue the 13-inch display tradition and bring branded audio to Chromebooks with speakers tuned by Skullcandy. Read More
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Acer’s Chromebook 13 offers 1080p display and 11 hour battery life

By - August 12, 2014 2 Pictures
Acer’s brand new Chromebook 13 looks to address a lot of the key issues with the current crop of low-powered Chrome OS laptops. While most Chromebooks opt for middling resolution displays and low-end processors, Acer’s latest can be configured with a 1080p screen and a comparatively powerful CPU, while still providing an impressive 11 hours of battery life. Read More
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2014 Chromebook Comparison Guide

By - June 12, 2014 21 Pictures
Since the launch of the first consumer Chromebook back in 2011, Google's platform has come a long way. Not only has the operating system itself become more versatile, but the choice of hardware has expanded significantly. From budget systems to the wallet-bashing Pixel, there’s a lot of choice out there. Read on as Gizmag compares eight Chrome OS-touting laptops. Read More

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